Karren Brady rages after The Weather Girls’ hit gets ‘woke’ makeover ‘Doesn’t make sense!’

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Television star Karren Brady is no stranger when it comes to being outspoken and her latest rant certainly comes as no surprise. The businesswoman has taken aim after The Weather Girls’ biggest hit has been reworked.

The new words don’t even make any sense.

Baroness Karren Brady

Karren, 52, has hit out over the re-release of their global smash single, It’s Raining Men.

It comes as the world celebrates World Pride Month, with the group originally releasing the track in 1983.

Following its re-release, the lyrics have been adapted to be more inclusive, with the word “men” changed to “them”.

However, this has angered The Apprentice star Karren, who admits she’s not a fan, at all.

While she acknowledges that it is important to be inclusive, the business mogul claims the new song is rather confusing.

Writing in her column for The Sun, the West Ham vice chairman said: “I’m a big believer in inclusivity but news that The Weather Girls’ absolutely classic 1982 disco hit, It’s Raining Men, has been given a woke makeover to change the word ‘men’ to ‘them’ really takes the biscuit.”

She continued: “The song has been reworked with the blessing of its writer, Paul Shaffer.

“Released to mark World Pride Month, the aim is to make everyone feel included and to celebrate non-binary and transgender artists.

“Well, that is an important thing to do but, I’m sorry, the new words don’t even make any sense.”

Mr Shaffer agreed for the lyrics to be changed in order to celebrate non-binary and transgender artists within the music industry.

The change means that the chorus of the song will become: “It’s raining them! Hallelujah! It’s raining them! Amen!”

Lyrics such as “tall, blonde, dark and lean, rough and tough and strong and mean” have been replaced with “cool, bold, strong and keen, proud and loud and here and seen”.

The newly adapted song also swaps the reference of “mother nature” being a “single woman” to “they’re a single person”.

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Following the news, social media was set alight with those not in favour of the change in lyrics.

Martin Daubney, the Deputy Leader of The Reclaim Party and former MEP, wrote on Twitter: “More woke b*ll*x as the classic Raining Men is reworked as Raining Them – to ‘use more inclusive pronouns’.

“Actually, as there are more men than thems, it’s the opposite. (Sic)”

However, singer Mila Jam, a transgender and LGBTQ+ activist who has re-recorded the hit, described the opportunity as “an honour”.

She went on to say: “For all artists in the LGBTQ+ community, I believe the future is ours, it’s now, and we must shine.

“We haven’t always been in this position, so I think it’s important that we tell our stories and make some good out of it.

“I really hope this record helps more of my siblings feel included. We’ve always been here, we aren’t going anywhere and we must continue to dance.”

The producers of It’s Raining Them worked alongside the charity Gendered Intelligence to make sure that the new lyrics were fully inclusive.

Meanwhile, streaming sites such as Deezer have announced that streaming revenue from the record will be donated to charity for a year.

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