Kerry Katona wants her life coach to move in as she admits to ‘losing herself’

Kerry Katona has always been open about her struggles with mental health. And in this week's column, Kerry, 41, has bravely spoken of her anxiety, confessing it has recently been triggered.

Only available for OK! VIPS, Kerry adds that she's "lost herself" and wanted to reach out to someone. "I’ve started therapy this week and I believe that everyone should experience therapy at some point," she says. Here, read Kerry's column where she reveals why she wants Ashley Cain to win Celebrity SAS: Who Dare Wins and opens up on how she's feeling about her daughter Molly turning 21.

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I recently treated myself to a new watch from Timeless Watches ahead of my birthday in September. Birthdays are for celebrating! I had a bad time when I was bankrupt and I’ve turned it all around for myself, so I’m proud I can treat myself to the odd luxury.

I want to show people what you can achieve when you put your mind to it and work hard to prove people wrong. I’m not bragging at all, it’s taken me a long time to get to where I am today and I should be celebrating what I’ve achieved.

Losing myself

I feel like I’ve lost myself a little bit. My anxiety has been triggered recently, so I wanted to reach out to someone. When I was living down south, I was journaling, doing meditation, and yoga.

But since I’ve moved up north, I’ve stopped and I don’t know why. So, my friend Joanna Scott-Aspray who runs The Cheshire Club has introduced me to a guy called Marcus Matthews. He’s a transformational coach.

He helps people understand why they feel a certain way. I had a chat with him this week for two hours and I’ve never felt so good after speaking to someone. I’ve started therapy this week and I believe that everyone should experience therapy at some point.

Marcus has given me some advice, which includes trying to choose different words when I speak to people. For example, I would say ‘the anxiety’ instead of ‘my anxiety’. I’m a spiritualistic person, I believe in a higher power and the law of attraction.

He was absolutely brilliant. I want this guy to move in with me! So, Marcus is going to try and help get me back into that routine again and make better choices in life. For more information follow @marcusamatthews on Instagram.


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My baby turns 21

I’m flying to Ireland this week for Molly’s 21st birthday. It will be great fun being there with everyone. I can’t believe my baby will be turning 21.

I’m so proud of her. It feels amazing looking at what she’s achieved and everything we’ve accomplished together. All you can do as a mum is guide them and then they’re on their own.

But they’re never alone. She knows I’m always here. Whenever she’s down or upset, I’m just a phone call away. But yes, I can’t believe we will be celebrating her 21st. It makes me feel very old!

I still can’t cook!

I took part in Celebrity Cooking School, and I learnt that I still can’t cook! I’m still ordering takeaways!

The show was about developing your confidence in the kitchen, but I’m quite a manic person, I have ADHD, and to be honest, I just want to please people with my cooking. The production crew was brilliant.

It was great to be on a show with Shaun Ryder, Paul Chowdhry, Sam Thompson and Kim Woodburn. It was so much fun, it feels like ages ago now!

Ashley to win

The Celebrity SAS lineup is one of the best line-ups I’ve ever seen. I know most of the people on there, which is completely different to Strictly Come Dancing’s line-up this year! I haven’t heard of any of them! It’s so random.

I want to see people I know. It’s mad. The SAS lot will do great, though. It’s not what you expect, at all. I’m backing Ashley Cain all the way.

He’s taking part in memory of his daughter Azaylia. I really hope he wins. I think he’s a warrior anyway, so he will smash it.

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