Kourtney and Kim Kardashian still feuding months after KUWTK scenes were filmed

Kourtney Kardashian is still furious with sister Kim Kardashian after the pair almost came to blows over arrangements for their annual Christmas card.

Keeping Up With Kardashians season 15 kicked off with an explosive premiere as fans watched mum-of-three Kim tear into Kourtney and her work ethic for ‘messing up’ plans for the family photo shoot, before cruelly saying she was the "least exciting to look at".

While the sisters usually kiss and make up just as quickly as they fall out, Kourtney took to Twitter as the show premiered in the US to take a swipe at Kim, Khloe AND mum Kris Jenner.

Kourtney said watching the scenes back gave her "chills", before declaring: "We all have our own priorities. Mine is being a mother."

An angry Kim responded on Twitter: "And mine is not? The shoot was with our kids!!!!! My #1 priority is being a mother as well and I can work too, so can you!"

Kourtney fired back: "And I do. But I wasn’t wanting MORE work, I already felt spread thin.

"Being a good mother also has different meaning to each of us. You’re an amazing mother, I’m not taking that away from you."

Kourtney also questioned Khloe’s intentions as she tried to play peacemaker after listening to Kourtney’s side of the argument.

Khloe, who was pregnant with True Thompson at the time, tweeted: "I just wanted peace."

But Kourtney clearly didn’t agree, replying: "Khloe let’s be honest here."

"Wait are you for real @Koutneykardash?" a stunned Khloe asked. "Do we want to get into why all of us were frustrated with you? You want to do this on twitter?"

Kourtney also called out momager Kris, saying she was disappointed with her response to their row.

After the show finished, Khloe wrote to her 25 million followers: "OK I don’t know what was crazier… The premiere of KUWTK or the Twitter feud between my sisters and I LOL are we fighting again?? I guess it’s time for that conference call."

The season premiere saw Kim, who took it upon herself to curate the Christmas album, telling her older sister: "No one wants you in the f**king shoot. I’m planning it. I’m planning the shoot so we don’t want you in the shoot."

Kourtney then replies: "Did I already say this morning, I didn’t care to do it.’

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Screaming at her old sister, Kim explodes: "Maybe if you had a f**king business that you were passionate about then you would know what it takes to run a f**king business but you don’t, so don’t even act like you know what I’m talking about."

Kourtney storms off, but Kim keeps talking, bashing her sister’s look and work ethic.

"She’s the least exciting thing to look at, so she can be out," Kim maintains. "She doesn’t do sh*t."

"She doesn’t know what it’s like to actually have f**king work to do."

Kourtney later calls Kim "pure evil" after Khloe calls her.

"I’m not here to be mistreated by f**king b**ch family," says Kourtney on speakerphone.

"’Kim saying that I’m the least interesting to look at — who even speaks like that? You don’t say things like that. You guys just have really different values than me.

"I choose to be a mother to my three kids. I’m not here looking for another job. I already work enough — more than I would like to," she says.

Kim then interrupts the call and yells to her big sister: "You don’t do s**t!"

Kourtney then blasts: "You’re a very distraught, evil human being. I don’t want to see you, okay? I don’t agree with you you are as a human being."

Eventually Kim started to say sorry for forcing her to take part in the photoshoot but Kourtney was having none of it.

"No f*** you Kim," she slammed. "You meant it. So f*** you. I’m not going to live my life around people that make me feel not good on a daily basis."

Kim responded: "Clearly you’re going through something else, because you’re acting like a f***ing lunatic. So maybe deal with that. What I said to you was rude and I wasn’t even being serious, so I said I’m sorry for that. But you’re the most f***ing entitled person on the planet when you work the least."

Taking a final swipe at her sister, Kourtney then hit out: "I’m not here to do photo shoots all day."

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