‘Leave Lauren Goodger alone, it’s fine to get a kid’s ears pierced,’ says Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona has defended Lauren Goodger after the star got her 15 month old daughter Larose’s ears pierced, urging people to leave her alone.

Writing in her column, former Atomic Kitten star Kerry, 42, who says her “abusive ex George Kay threatened to inject baby DJ with heroin”, discussed former TOWIE star Lauren’s decision.

“Lauren Goodger has divided fans after getting her 15-month-old daughter Larose’s ears pierced,” she said. “You know what, everyone’s got an opinion. If Lauren wants to get her daughter’s ears pierced, then let her!

“It doesn’t matter. I think she looks gorgeous. It’s not like she’s got Pat Butcher earrings in – they’re a pair of sleepers, for God’s sake!”

Kerry added that her eight-year-old daughter has her ears pierced, and she doesn’t see a problem with it.

“My DJ had her ears pierced when she was about five and she loved them,” she added.

It comes after Lauren, 36, showed her daughter Larose getting her ears pierced after admitting she was "nervous" to get them done.

The star shared the image to Instagram, which showed Larose at Claire's Accessories, before providing an update on her story on Sunday.

Lauren admitted to her 962k followers that she was "so nervous" ahead of the piercing, but that the staff at Claire's made her "feel really comfortable".

She said in a video: "So I got Larose's ears pierced yesterday, and everyone is asking how she got on. She was absolutely fine. I was obviously so nervous because I didn't want it to hurt her. It's something I've thought of for a long time."

She added: "I was out yesterday and I've always said 'ooh no I wouldn't get it done at Claire's Accessories' but when I went in there and spoke to the girl and she made me feel really comfortable.

"I'm really glad that I chose to have them there when she was a baby because they were really gentle. They're really used to it and I think they do a lot of kids and babies, and Larose literally cried for about 30 seconds and then she was running around."

She also addressed whether the new jewellery would cause Larose, who's 15 months old, any pain or discomfort. Lauren explained: "They haven't bothered her at all.

"She's not even fiddling with them. They've given me a solution to clean them with and I need to do that two to three times a day and twist them.

"They look so pretty, so cute. I'm so glad I got them done now. It's kind of tradition to get your ears pierced young and she's only 15 months so not too young, she's walking now, but it's kind of better than being more of a toddler and them annoying her. She's not even noticed once."


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