Loose Women’s Kaye Adams stuns as she films herself twerking after feeling ‘overwhelmed’

Kaye Adams says she had 'no side effects' from booster

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At one point, Kaye Adams even twerked upside down in her latest Instagram post, with her legs dangling against a wall. The feisty Loose Women star revealed that she was trying to raise spirits while times are tough due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You’ve got to free your hips!

Kaye Adams

In a video clip posted to her Instagram account, she quizzed her 116,000 followers: “So how are you feeling?

“Joy is a little bit thin on the ground at the moment, isn’t it?

“I have to say I am struggling a bit with the old omicron tsunami, tidal wave, or whatever it turns out to be.

“It’s a bit overwhelming, so I thought I’m going to have to do something to take myself out of it,” she resolved.

However, fans may not have bargained for what happened next.

“I think this is crazy but I’ve always wanted to know how to twerk,” she revealed, grinning mischievously.

“Funnily enough, I was interviewing a woman the other day who said the best way to start is to put your legs up against the wall.

“[It’s] because you’ve got to free your hips and for some reason if you’re upside down, then it frees your hips better!” she rationalised.

“You know what I’m going to do, don’t you?”

Her face momentarily disappeared, to be replaced by a glimpse of her black ankle boots as she started making vigorous upside down twerking movements whilst dangling her legs in the air.

Emerging afterwards, she asked viewers: “What do you think – does it look good?!”

Adding that she needed to work on it, she finally decided: “I think we’re getting there!”

The 58-year-old presenter, whose new book ‘Still Hot’ is out now, captioned her video: “Watching this back, while it’s definitely sparking joy for me I’m not convinced it’s not going to be the thing of nightmares for the rest of you as you watch a middle aged woman try to tweak! [sic].”

“Should I persevere? Is 2022 the year of the Kaye Adams twerk? Place your votes!”

Comments were mostly positive, although a few viewers did complain that their stomachs were sore from excessive laughing.

“Hilarious, Kaye!” clare__lc replied, with ample use of laughter emojis.

“Stick with it you will be twerking like a professional before you know it.”

“Showing a bit of cleavage off in the process,” barkerisobel cheekily commented.

“Two moments of joy for me today,” roseandbear8 wrote, “and [one was] seeing you twerk upside down. Thank you.”

“The best antidote to Omicron,” declared sos_sandra.

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