Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Date Night Is Not Like Yours—Ayahuasca, Swimming With Sharks, and Even Scaling a Balcony

Many couples opt for low-key dinners or fun nights out on the town when it comes time to plan a date night. For busy partners who juggle a lot of responsibilities on a day-to-day basis, dates should be relaxing, a way to escape the chaos of the workweek. However, celebrity couple Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox like to take things to the next level with dates that are daring and exciting. Throughout their relationship, Kelly and Fox have opened up about a few of their wilder dates, offering inspiration for couples everywhere who want to try something new on their next evening out. 

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s chaotic first date

After about a year and a half of unusual, intense dates, Kelly and Fox made things official by getting engaged. They announced their engagement on January 11, 2022, taking to social media to share that they made their commitment to each other under the shade of a banyan tree before drinking each other’s blood to solidify the promise. 

Fox and Kelly haven’t shared any wedding details yet. But there’s no doubt they’ll keep fans updated every step, spilling all the info that has kept fans riveted to their relationship from the beginning. Certainly, their wedding will be one that will go down in pop culture history.

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