Madonna admits she regrets 'both' marriages (but is still obsessed with sex), plus more news

Madonna reveals she regrets ‘getting married both times’

In a new fan Q&A on her YouTube channel Madonna — whose history-making new album “Finally Enough Love” looks back on her decades of remixed dance pop hits — revealed she regrets a major life decision she made twice over the years. “Getting married,” she says in the video, when asked what decision she’s made maybe “wasn’t the greatest idea.” “Both times,” she adds. The Material Girl first tied the knot with Sean Penn in 1985. They split in 1989 and the singer went on to wed director Guy Ritchie in 2000, the same year Madonna welcomed their son, Rocco. But as Madge says elsewhere in the new post, “the biggest lesson I have learned in this life is nothing is real.” Which may be true for the record-setting music star … except for maybe one thing. It seems that while marriages come and go, the activity she names in the clip as her “greatest guilty pleasure,” her “current favorite obsession,” and her “zodiac sign” still gets top billing in Madonna’s book: “Sex,” she says, twirling for the camera. Earlier this month, “Finally Enough Love” debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200, making Madonna the first woman to chart a top 10 album at least once in each of the past five decades.

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Rachel Bilson clarifies comments about Bill Hader split

Rachel Bilson is clarifying comments she made about her split from Bill Hader having been “probably harder than childbirth.” Speaking to Alex Cooper on this week’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast (via ET), the actress suggested her initial comments were taken out of the context of her chat with Aubrey. “I did not actually say that. I’m happy you brought that up,” Rachel told the host when he asked about the “harder than childbirth” remark. “I said, obviously, he and I, we’re not still together, so we broke up. But it was during a time where you could not leave your house,” she explained, thinking back to the early days of the coronavirus pandemic when lockdowns had just begun. “I had to deal with this. I had to deal with being alone and taking care of my kid and everything else,” she continued. “Being isolated and not being able to connect with any humans, not being able to help myself. I got into a depression, all of these things. That time having to be forced to face all of your s*** I said was harder than childbirth. Is anything more painful? F*** no. Maybe kidney stones. … All breakups are hard, especially when you’re in something that you’re really into,” the actress concluded. “Things happen, things change. There was a pandemic, yeah so it was a hard time.” 

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Jennifer Lawrence says she ‘assumed’ pal Amy Schumer’s liposuction ‘was a secret’

Even Jennifer Lawrence was surprised when her longtime pal, Amy Schumer, told the world she’d had plastic surgery. Back in January, Amy used Instagram to let folks know she’d had liposuction and endometriosis surgery following a difficult pregnancy and C-section with her son Gene, now 3, and painful uterine issues that forced her to have her appendix and uterus removed. “I just wanted to be real about it,” she said on Instagram at the time. The comic later told The Hollywood Reporter she’d simply “reached a place where I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror,” joking that she knew she couldn’t transform her body with “grilled chicken and walks.” Speaking to the New Yorker as part of a new profile on Amy, Jennifer said that when her close friend “got liposuction, I just assumed that would be a secret … And then…it wasn’t!” Despite J.Law’s initial surprise, she noted that she now sees how that kind of straightforwardness and transparency fits with the rest of her friend’s overall character. “It’s a part of her — I hate using this word – relatability,” Jennifer explained. “In some ways, it’s benefitted her,” she added. “Look at her obviously successful career.” In her Instagram Story post earlier this year, Amy said she was finally feeling “good,” physically, after the medical procedures. She also shared photos of herself looking super fit in a swimsuit, telling followers she was at a healthier 170 pounds.

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Leonardo DiCaprio leans on his guy pals after Camila Morrone split

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly back in bachelor mode — and he’s lunching that way, too. In the wake of the star’s rumored split from longtime girlfriend Camila Morrone, Leo seems to be keeping his buddies as close as possible. Amid breakup reports on Tuesday, Aug. 30, the actor and philanthropist stepped out for lunch at New York City’s Il Buco with a slew of male friends, per photos published by TMZ. While his face was a bit obscured by a face mask, the outlet noted he appeared to have slimmed down since he was last photographed in public. Leo, 47, age, met Camila, 25, through his close pal Al Pacino, who previously dated Camila’smom. By 2018, things had reportedly taken a turn for the romantic, perhaps no surprise given Leo’s habit of dating much (much) younger women.   


Kesha’s legal team accuses Dr. Luke of delaying trial

Nearly a decade after Kesha and her former producer, Dr. Luke, sued one another for assault (Kesha) and defamation (Luke), their lawyers are battling back and forth about appeals Kesha’s team says must be dealt with before the scheduled trial date in February. In a letter to the court on Tuesday, Aug. 30, Kesha’s legal team reiterated a previous request for rulings on Kesha’s appeals before Feb. 20, 2023, when the singer and producer are scheduled to go to trial, Rolling Stone reported this week. Kesha initially sued Luke alleging he sexually, physically and verbally assaulted her for years after she signed with him at age 18. He promptly countersued the singer on grounds of defamation. Now, Kesha’s team claims Luke is stalling on the court date by failing to sit for hearings on her appeals, one of which relates to a New York defamation law related to public versus private citizens (Kesha says Luke is public, while his lawyers claim otherwise; a private person can be defamed without there needing to be “actual malice,” unlike a public person, according to the law). Dr. Luke’s legal team, meanwhile, responded by slamming Kesha’s lawyers for making “inflammatory” claims about the producer. They maintain Kesha’s previous appeals can’t be dealt with this fall because of scheduling issues and accuse Kesha’s attorneys of trying to press the gas on the proceedings unnecessarily. “Kesha has … done everything in her power to try to ensure that trial will begin as scheduled, including by seeking to expedite proceedings in the Court of Appeals,” he singer’s lawyer wrote. “Dr. Luke has obstructed her efforts at every turn.” The appeals relate to whether Dr. Luke is a public or private person and a previous ruling that barred Kesha from demanding the producer cover her legal fees, according to the Daily Mail.

Ashley Judd calls for better privacy laws after Naomi Judd’s death

Following her mother, Naomi Judd’s death by suicide in April, the actress is demanding more privacy protection from the legal system. “In the immediate aftermath of a life-altering tragedy, when we are in a state of acute shock, trauma, panic, and distress, the authorities show up to talk to us,” Ashley wrote in a New York Times op-ed published Wednesday, Aug. 31. “Because many of us are socially conditioned to cooperate with law enforcement, we are utterly unguarded in what we say. The raw details are used only to feed a craven gossip economy, and as we cannot count on basic human decency, we need laws that will compel that restraint,” she continued. Making things worse, she argued, are legal procedures that “exacerbate” grieving families’ “traumatic grief by making it public.” Sounding both frustrated and sad, she added, in part, that police who spoke to her after her mother’s death left her feeling like a suspect. “I want to be clear that the police were simply following terrible, outdated interview procedures and methods of interacting with family members who are in shock or trauma and that the individuals in my mother’s bedroom that harrowing day were not bad or wrong,” she wrote. “I assume they did as they were taught.”

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