Maitland Ward Says AVN Award Show Is Better Than The Oscars

Maitland Ward says the adult film industry’s awards show is far superior TV than anything the Academy Awards is offering … and she thinks it boils down to who’s doing the voting.

We got the former “Boy Meets World” actress-turned-porn star in Bev Hills and asked why she thinks traditional awards shows like the Oscars are losing interest and viewers.

'Boy Meets World' Star Maitland Ward Says Porn Won't Ruin Her Career

'Boy Meets World' Star Maitland Ward Says Porn Won't Ruin Her Career

Maitland says the folks voting for the Oscars are way too old and aren’t in touch with the country … and she thinks the nominations this year once again show a lack of diversity.

On the flip side, Maitland says porn is rife with female directors and performers from all walks of life … and she thinks the AVN Awards does a better job reading the room and going with the most deserving candidates, with no politics involved.

While awards shows are mostly losing viewers year after year, Maitland has an idea for how the Academy Awards could get a shot in the arm and a ton more eyeballs with a new category … yep, she wants to see someone win an Oscar for having sex on camera!!!

Maitland Ward

Maitland has won seven AVN awards since joining the porn industry in 2019, including Best Leading Actress this year.

A porn category at the Oscars is a long shot … but Maitland tells us why she would rather see her hard work pay off with an AVN than an Oscar.

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