Martine McCutcheon teases ‘exciting things happening’ in sultry selfie post

Martine McCutcheon teased “exciting” new things to come as she posted some sultry selfies on Friday.

The 46 year old shared with followers that she'd had a busy week as she prepares for something new on the horizon which she chose not to reveal yet in her caption.

Martine looked stunning in the couple of photos published on her Instagram as she was seen gazing thoughtfully out of a car window sporting flushed pink cheeks, matching eyeshadow and rose-coloured lipstick.

The former Eastenders star accessorised her look with a steel watch and silver embellished earrings and had her wrist tattoo on show peeking out from underneath her black sleeve.

“Phew! It’s been a busy week to put it mildly. Some very exciting things happening and I can’t wait to share all with you!,” Martine wrote.

“The sun is shining; I’ve just dropped the bubba boy off & now I’m getting a little minute to myself before life kicks in again… My God this weather makes me so happy too! It’s like medicine for me!

"Have an amazing Friday, look after yourselves and enjoy your weekend! #fridayvibes.”

Martine’s tease of what’s to come follows news that she plans to renew her vows to husband Jack McManus, 10 years after their wedding took a scary turn after some intimidating, uninvited guests showed up.

The couple revealed on the Chris and Rosie Ramsey Show that the Mafia had gatecrashed their wedding at Lake Como seeking extra payment after hearing that they’d organised a shoot for a magazine in celebration of their big day.

"We were like, ‘We’d love fireworks’ and they were like, ‘Yeah, you need to make a donation to the lake,’” Jack said.

"It’s a donation, like to the mafia. We had to pay them so many hidden costs. This wasn’t hundreds, it was thousands. We just said no."

Martine added: "I went, ‘Oh my god, there’s going to be a dead horse’s head in our bed!’

The actress explained that she wanted to renew her wedding vows so that her son Rafferty, seven, could be included this time and mentioned that it will most likely be a small ceremony.

“It’ll probably just be me, Jack and Rafferty and maybe a couple of friends,” Martine said.

“Oh God, mum’s going to find out now.”

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