Matt Damon had another bad on-screen kiss besides Scarlett Johansson stinker

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck appear on The One Show

Most celebrities try to have fresh breath when they go to shoot on-screen kisses.

Not Scarlett Johansson, jokes Matt Damon, who appears as Leslie Groves in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

In a recent LadBible video, Damon and his Oppenheimer co-star Emily Blunt weighed in on whether or not it’s okay to tell someone if they have bad breath.

The pair agreed you should. It reminded Damon about his on-screen kiss with Johansson on the set of Cameron Crowe’s 2011 film We Bought a Zoo.

Damon joked: “For me, it’s less the costar that you’re kissing, who you’re probably going to be friends with anyway, and I can forgive some halitosis. I had to kiss Scarlett Johansson — can you imagine how horrible that was for me?”

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Blunt teased: “Can you imagine how awful that was? It’s such a shame she has such terrible lips and everything. It must have been so awful.”

Damon jokingly replied: “It was hell.”

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When the pair returned to set, they discovered that the kiss was not over.

Damon said: “She came in and Cameron Crowe had set the camera up and it was like a tight shot of the kiss. And she goes ‘Aw s—! I literally just had — I had like an onion sandwich. I thought we did the [scene].'”

Blunt asked if Damon was “aroused” by their kiss, but he said he was too preoccupied to notice.

Damon joked: “I was making fun of her the entire time about her onion breath, which I didn’t even smell. Her breath smells like roses.”

The around the same time Damon and Johansson filmed We Bought a Zoo, the actor also filmed The Adjustment Bureau with Blunt.

In his and Blunt’s interview, Damon forgot to mention how their own on-screen kiss in the film was just as horrible as his with Johansson.

During a 2011 interview with Blunt, he told The Today Show (per Daily Mail) that his seven-second on-screen kiss with the actress was “very, very, very, very uncomfortable.”

Damon said: “By the time we shot that scene, it was really one of the last things we shot and we were really great friends and our spouses were really great friends and it was very, very, very, awkward.”

He added: “John Toll, the great cinematographer and also a friend of ours, he was shooting the film and he was equally uncomfortable. He was saying ‘Guys it’s only seven seconds, can you just give me seven seconds?'”

So, Damon has experienced many awkward on-screen kisses.


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