MGK Faces Backlash Over Sexist Comment About Black Women in Resurfaced Video

Shared by former Crystal Castles vocalist Alice Glass on Twitter, the video sees the ‘Papercuts’ rapper making what people deem as sexist, misogynist and racist remarks about black women.

AceShowbizMachine Gun Kelly caught heat after an old video of him resurfaced online. In the said clip, which was from the 2012 BET Awards, the musician was seen making what people deemed as sexist, misogynist and racist remarks about black women.

Shared by former Crystal Castles vocalist Alice Glass on Twitter, the video featured the “Papercuts” rapper being interviewed by a reporter on the red carpet. “Black girls give the best h**d. White girls just give h**d,” so MGK claimed.

His comments apparently made one unidentified black woman, who stood behind the reporter, walk away. Upon noticing that, the “Wild Boy” artist didn’t hesitate to slam her, saying, “B***h walk the f**k away then. You f**king dirty, pig b***h.”

Not stopping there, MGK also mocked her appearance. “Weak a** dress and fake Louis Vuitton purse. I’ll go in on this b***h,” he added.

In the caption, Alice wrote, “I’m sorry I have to give a trigger warning for this one. This video of mgk is disturbing.” In a separate tweet, Alice added, “Show respect for Black Women [whose] culture you are appropriating. Apologize for this @machinegunkelly this was beyond disgusting.”

“But all this isn’t just about one artist. There is a bigger picture here. This is about how men who act like this are still given power and opportunities in an industry that willfully perpetuates sexist, racist and abusive behavior. It needs to change,” she continued.

The journalist in question, Stephanie O., caught wind of the thread and cleared the air. “Girl give it a rest. I asked him a question and he answered. The end,” she replied. “I didn’t ask for you to put on a cape on my behalf. I’ll holler if I need you.”

When someone else asked her opinion on MGK attacking the woman behind her, the journalist defended the star, “Yes ma’am I do think it was okay. Because she deserved it. She was being disruptive and disrespectful to ALL of my interviews and she wasn’t even in her designated spot.”

“She wouldn’t have been offended had she been in her assigned area and out of my business,” she continued.

A journalist defended MGK over the controversial comments.

The scandal arrived shortly after MGK announced his “Mainstream Sellout Tour”. He will be hitting cities like Miami, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and more. MGK will be joined by special guests such as Avril Lavigne, Travis Barker, Blackbear and Trippie Redd at some of the shows.

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