Michael J. Fox Death Hoax: Fans Freak The Actor Died Of Parkinson’s Disease After Post Goes Viral

A screenshot of a post announcing Michael J. Fox’s death went viral over the weekend, and before it was confirmed as a hoax, people were absolutely devastated over the fake news.

Michael J. Fox, 57, is alive and well…despite a fake news report that surfaced online Aug. 5. A website that looks just like Yahoo.com published an article claiming that the beloved actor had succumbed to his Parkinson’s Disease and passed away. However, upon further inspection of the site’s URL it was confirmed to be a fake. While the real Yahoo website is “news.yahoo.com,” this story was published on a site with the URL “yahoonews-us.com.” The fake report was incredibly thorough, claiming that Michael was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Aug. 2 with a bad case of pneumonia and eventually died. It’s totally PHONY, though, so don’t worry!

Once the post about Michael’s rumored death went viral, fans immediately began freaking out on Twitter, and sending condolences to the actor and his loved ones. Additionally, many who figured out the whole thing was a hoax made sure to tweet out confirmation that the story was B.S. “Be aware that there is a BOGUS story going around saying that Michael J. Fox has died,” someone wrote. “DON’T FALL FOR IT.” Another person added, “Yahoonews-us.com is a fake website that’s designed to look like the actual Yahoo! News page. Nothing they post is real and the Michael J. Fox hoax is just more bulls***.” Phew!

Michael was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s Disease in 1992, and went public with the diagnosis in 1998. He takes medication to help relieve him of the symptom. He also started the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to raise money for research of the horrific disease, which generally worsens over time in someone who has it.

The 57-year-old has been married to his wife, Tracy Pollan, since 1988, and they have four children together.

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