Miranda Lambert Is ‘Insecure’ Says Scorned Wife, Who Claims Singer Is Blowing Up Her Phone Per ‘Radar Online’

The relationship between country singer Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker is straight out of a soap opera. Felker was supposed to go on a three-day tour with Lambert, but Evan never came home to his wife when it was over. Instead, Evan filed for divorce the day after Valentine’s Day, which was a huge shock for his then-wife Staci. Since then, Evan has been together with Miranda. But it doesn’t seem like Evan is completely over Staci.

Staci posted an Instagram story that showed a screenshot of repeated calls on a Friday night, detailed CafeMom. There are ten calls from an “Unknown Caller,” with three phone calls sprinkled in from a Caldwell, ID number. Stacy says the Idaho number belongs to Evan, which she hinted that the unknown number was Miranda calling. She captioned the screenshot “FYI, if you’re crazy and crazy famous, this is how your number comes up. Wife’s number doesn’t change. Seems problematic… 10 times in one night #insecure #rightfullyso.”

Why is Miranda supposedly calling so much? Staci thinks it’s because she is “tired of him calling home.” Staci has already blasted Evan for calling her 22 times in two days, according to Radar Online. Even so, she isn’t prepared to forgive her ex-husband, and has said that she would never take Evan back. Her supporters seem to agree with her decision, with one Instagram user saying that “Cheaters will always cheat.”

When Miranda heard about the calls, she reportedly told Evan to choose between his wife or continuing on the world tour.

Staci has been open about how her ex-husband mistreated her and left her in a whirlwind of an affair. Evan supposedly didn’t even answer Staci’s phone calls when she was trying to find out where he was when he purposefully missed his flight back home. And to make things even worse, a source said that “He completely shut Staci out. Two months later — after Staci put it all together — he confessed everything.” Later on, Staci called the breakup “a dumpster fire” which is probably a mild way to put it, considering the circumstances.

Staci previously posted a heartbreaking selfie of herself after she was crying, with the caption “PSA: If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you”. Although her broken relationship has been put on blast to the public, she’s holding her head up high and maintaining the best attitude she can. And in the meanwhile, if Miranda keeps harassing her, Staci will likely continue to publicize that information.

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