Mrs Hinch shares heartfelt update on dealing with ‘anxious’ feelings and trolls

Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has issued a heartfelt update on her approach to dealing with internet trolls, and feelings of “anxiety”.

The social media sensation, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, 33, took to her Instagram Stories to share a message from a fan who’d asked how she coped with “unwanted inner chatter” from the “outside world”.

The mum of two penned a lengthy reply to detail her thoughts and how she copes with her career in the public eye. She penned: “Sometimes it does still overpower me but I’ve learnt so much over the past four years, I don’t know if this is “right” or necessarily great advice but I literally live every day for the health of my family, friends and my animals.

“When I see they are all okay my strength is there. I feel okay. Also I hardly ever leave my house, I have issues there [crying laughing emoji] I work from home six days a week, my home is my comfort place.

The cleaning whizz then revealed she’s deleted Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. She continued: “I scrapped the lot. Oh and I never search my name on the internet [upside down face] I only ever read what I see in my messages on here because they are so beautiful, my true followers. And for these reasons I go to bed at night content and grateful (but still “itchy” and anxious some nights) but that’s just who I am and that’s okay too.”

The star then conceded nobody has “all their s**t figured out” and urged her fans not to worry because she’s the same. She advised people to surround themselves with their own “little pockets of happiness”.

The Essex-born social media star, who counts Stacey Solomon as a friend, recently went away with her family after issuing an update on son Ronnie’s recent health scare. She revealed his recent heart scans came back all clear after being diagnosed with a rare condition called Kawasaki disease.

The mum, who shot to mega fame on social media platform Instagram by sharing her top cleaning tips and hacks, rushed little Ronnie to hospital last month after his temperature soared to over 40 degrees.

Soon after, her son was diagnosed with the disease which affects children under the age of five. A temperature along with other symptoms including swollen glands, dry red cracked lips and a rash are all warning signs of the condition.

Earlier this month, the social media star posted a picture of her two boys as they held up signs displaying the message: ‘Time to catch our flight. Goodbye everyone'.

Sophie captioned the post: "And we're off. We have had the most amazing results from Ronnie's most recent heart scans guys…. they are all clear."

Millions watch Mrs Hinch's stories for her top tips and tricks for keeping homes clean and tidy.

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