N.O.R.E Denies Claims His ‘Culture’ Tweets Are About Cardi B After Charlamagne Tha God Defends Her

Taking to social media, the ‘Oye Mi Canto’ rapper shuts down rumors that his comments about rappers not supporting black media are about the ‘Bodak Yellow’ raptress.

AceShowbizN.O.R.E is setting the record straight. The “Oye Mi Canto” rapper has made it clear that his recent social media posts about rappers not supporting black media were not about Cardi B after the latter was defended by Charlamagne Tha God.

Making use of his Twitter account on Thursday, May 26, Noreaga, whose real name is Victor Santiago, Jr., wrote, “Love it wasn’t even talking or thinking bout cardi but love the article,” as he quote-retweeted a tweet from a news outlet alleging that he called out Cardi for doing interviews with non hip-hop media. In a following post, he added, “S**t goes for all artist!!! Including me!!”

“I literally was not talking bout any artist especially any female artist I was talking bout our culture period we control what’s cool not the outsiders !!!” N.O.R.E continued in a separate tweet. He went on adding, “I love artist but hate when artists are acting like artists and that’s such an artist of me ha ha!!!” before stressing, “NOBODY IS F**KING BIGGER THEN THE CULTURE NOBODY IS !!!”

His statements came after Charlamagne, along with his “The Breakfast Club” co-hosts Angela Yee and DJ Envy, defended Cardi in the May 26 episode of the radio show. “I do agree with what Noreaga was saying,” Envy began, before noting that he’s pretty sure that the “Drink Champs” host wasn’t targeting the “WAP” hitmaker, “I will say one thing about Cardi. Cardi does a lot of the things that a lot of artists won’t do. She goes to a lot of those places, so I doubt he was talking to Cardi.”

“But Cardi does interviews with everybody, she still touches the club, she still goes out to black-owned restaurants, she still supports a lot of the DJs that helped her out, that came up on her,” Envy opined. “But I do feel that when artists blow up, they don’t go to a lot of the places that helped them get there and they start doing the crossover thing and I think that’s wack.”

While the trio appeared to conclude N.O.R.E. wasn’t talking about Cardi, Charlamagne did concur with Noreaga when he said, “I see u guys go to [Ellen DeGeneres]’ and David Letterman‘s and Zane Lowe‘s and treat them wit more respect then the culture but u say u want black excellence.” Charlamagne explained, “I will say I agree with N.O.R.E. on treating the other outlets with more respect part.”

“The publicist and label will come to black outlets and say, ‘Don’t ask this. Don’t ask that.’ But when they sit with the white outlets, they will say, ‘We are open to discuss anything,’ ” Charlamagne elaborated further. “So that to me is where the respect is because you giving these white outlets the soundbites that go viral and you make those persons platforms bigger.”

On Wednesday, May 25, N.O.R.E called out hip-hop artists who treated Ellen, David and Zane better. He added, “Imma be honest even going to [Oprah Winfrey] or gal is trash at this point !!! We control our in culture why go outside of it!!!” In a separate post, he said, “David Letterman is my favorite, but man, why go there or to Ellen before ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ or Joe or the champs or even twitter s**t!!” Many then believed he was talking about Cardi because of her recent appearance on David’s Netflix series, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman“.

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