Nick Cannon filled a studio with 3,000 roses for Abby De La Rosa

Recently I’ve started re-watching Gilmore Girls for the billionth time as a coping mechanism for stress (I don’t think I’m the only person who does this). There’s an episode of the show where a character demands to be proposed to with “a thousand yellow daisies” and then their boyfriend follows through on her request. But the scene has always bothered me because it’s so obviously more than one thousand daisies, it looks like at least double that! It’s so over-the-top it takes you out of the emotions of the scene. Now I feel vindicated because this past Friday, Nick Cannon festooned his studio with 3,000 roses for one of his partners, Abby De Le Rosa. She co-hosts the radio show The Daily Cannon with him and they share three children together. Nick went all out just because–it wasn’t an anniversary or her birthday. Abby was touched by the gesture. And it’s definitely comparable to the Gilmore Girls scene in terms of being over-the-top.

Nick Cannon is showering Abby De La Rosa with love.

The Masked Singer host, 42, brought romance to the workplace — and the mother of three of his 12 children to happy tears — with an extravagant surprise.

On Friday, De La Rosa, 32, walked onto the studio set of Cannon’s radio show The Daily Cannon, which she co-hosts, to find it covered in 3,000 red roses.

“Stop,” she said in a clip of the episode shared on Instagram. “What the heck?”

“You’re joking right now,” the DJ said as co-host Mason Moussette described the romantic scene for the listeners, saying, “There are red roses literally everywhere in this studio.”

De La Rosa then planted a kiss on the father of their twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, 2, and daughter Beautiful Zeppelin, 8 months, and called the gesture “insane.”

“I’m really emotional right now,” she said fighting tears. “I’m just so grateful.”

[From People]

People’s coverage also includes some things Abby said on the podcast Lovers and Friends last year. She said she knows “in her heart of hearts” that Cannon is not “her forever person” and that she envisions being in a monogamous relationship at some point. She also said that she’s happy with how things are now. That’s interesting to me. I’ve talked at length about all the ways I think Nick’s family situation are less than ideal for his kids and for the moms. He’s allowed to have multiple partners but doesn’t want his partners to have the same freedom. His child-support arrangements are seemingly ad-hoc at best and he may withhold that support if his partners aren’t faithful to him. However, Abby seems comfortable with it and if she really is happy, I’m happy for her. As for me, I’m always suspicious of grand gestures that come out of nowhere. I usually assume they are compensating for someone’s secret doubts or indiscretions, but I had a stepdad who bought my mom red roses every time he had messed up. Red roses in my house were an outright admission of guilt, like a scarlet letter. (They thought I couldn’t pick up on it, but kids usually read subtext like it’s the headline.) For what it’s worth, I don’t think that’s what’s happening with Abby and Nick at all–I think he genuinely likes the “grand gesture” and she comes across surprised and happy.

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