Patricia Arquette Urges Hollywood Unions To “Look Into The Future” In Upcoming Contract Negotiations

Patricia Arquette has been outspoken on social issues, famously using her 2015 Oscar speech to call for equal pay. She shared her thoughts on the upcoming contract negotiations between the Hollywood guilds and the studios on the red carpet for the SAG Awards, where she was nominated as part of the cast of Apple TV+’s Severance.

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“I think it’s very important that all these unions look into the future,” she told Deadline about the negotiations, where significantly boosting streaming residuals is expected to be a main demand. “There is very little transparency really on how many people watch what, it’s very difficult to really even ascertain that kind of data; even unions are a little bit in the dark.”

Arquette evoked a history lesson to underscore her point about the need for the unions to act with resolve in the upcoming talks despite concerns that the industry is still recovering from the hit it took from the pandemic.

“I think they blew it early on with VHS and with video, and they have been trying to play catch-up ever since,” she said of the guilds. “This industry, like all industries really, suffered a lot during Covid, a lot of people didn’t work, even though people were watching entertainment to sooth themselves. The idea of going on strike is pretty frightening to people but there are moments you need to stand up and figure out what’s going on, I think everyone recognizes that.”

Added Arquette, “This is what we all need to do, let’s celebrate these artists and honor them and make sure that they’re making a living.”

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