Paul Sinha: The Chase star ‘almost broke down’ after discovering Parkinson’s symptom

The Chase: Paul Sinha gets 'annoyed' over incorrect answer

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Paul Sinha, 51, has shared how he first discovered he may have Parkinson’s disease after he suspected something was wrong when his shoulder became frozen. The Chase star said he looked up his symptoms while he was on tour in New Zealand and it offered up a life-changing diagnosis.

Speaking on when he first began to notice he may be unwell, Paul said: “I was on tour in New Zealand in 2019 and I just googled, ‘Frozen shoulder Parkinson’s’,

“To my surprise, everything I had was textbook. 

“I remember almost breaking down on the street as I realised there was no escape from what these research papers were saying,” he added to Radio Times.

The Sinnerman star also voiced his concerns over the times he gets questions wrong in a quiz.

He added “Every time I get a question wrong in a quiz that I used to know the answer to, I think, ‘Should I be worried?’

“And then I realise that everybody does it. I’m just quite pragmatic about it.”

Paul divulged in 2019 his Parkinson’s diagnosis as he vowed to live in the present going forward.

The star was left furious after some Twitter users “mocked” him for his typos, despite his bio stating that his typing had been slowed down by his condition.

The Chase star questioned whether those who queried his writing have “human empathy”, as he threatened to block those who “have a go” at his posts.

Paul typed last week: “It is wearying to repeat it, but if you are mocking me for typos, you’re a thunderous b**lend with no human empathy.”

In response, fans supported the star as they urged him to keep tweeting.

One wrote: “Oh the ‘keyboard warriors!’ Just ignore/block… lots of people make mistakes, myself included if I hit the wrong keys in a hurry people see just one thing, form their own opinions & think they’re Mr/Mrs perfect, it’s TWITTER! not a grammar correction club. Keep tweeting.”

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A second replied: “F them lad. Ur humourous strength in all this is a great pick me up for loads of us. Stay strong and funny.”(sic)

While a third commented: “You are much more gracious about this than I would be.”

In his Twitter bio, Paul had warned his followers to be patient with him as he suffers from a degenerative disease.

He wrote: “My typing has been slowed down by a degenerative disease.

“If you have a go at typos or punctuation, I’ll count that as a block.”

However, it appears some have still continued to point out his mistakes, after he had shared how in spite of his condition he had continued to be a top-ranked quizzer.

He posted previously: “Despite Parkinsons i remsin the fifth-ranked quizzer in the Uk, and the fourth-ranked for 2020/21.” (sic)

One replied: “Might have affected your spelling though! Great quizzes, great stand-up! More power to you Paul.”

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