Peggy Blow’s ‘Freeridge’ Character Was Her Own Idea, Showrunner Says (Spoilers)

When Peggy Blow was announced to be on Freeridge, many were wondering who she would portray.

The actress was previously on flagship series On My Block, where her character Marisol “Abuelita” Martinez died in the show’s final season.

With Freeridge coming out, details on her character were kept under wraps, with the only known info was that she was playing a new character.

Now, the spinoff has been out for nearly a week on Netflix, and details on who she plays have been revealed, and it was all her idea!

Get more info inside (warning: spoilers ahead)…

Warning: Freeridge spoilers below!!

Peggy plays Mariluna, whose identity is revealed to be Abuelita’s twin sister, as many fans have guessed it would be!

While Mariluna was Marisol’s twin, some characters confused as Abuelita never mentioned that she had a twin sister, who turns out, is SUPER rich.

On My Block and Freeridge co-creator and showrunner Lauren Iungerich previously revealed that Mariluna was all Peggy‘s idea!

“We love Peggy. She’s a total pro and utter joy to work with,” Lauren shared with Tudum. “The character that Peggy portrays in Freeridge was her own original idea that she threw out on a whim and we wholeheartedly embraced. It’s gonna be a surprising character to get to know, and we had the best time bringing her to life.”

In the season one finale, Mariluna gets confused by a couple of gang members for Marisol, who owes them money.

They then go to confront her, and while the camera is on others, you hear a gunshot, followed by two feet running away and what is presumably Mariluna being shot. However, we don’t see much of her before the credits role.

It’s left as a cliffhanger if she was shot, what her condition is and if anyone got to her and got help. We’ll have to wait for a potential second season to find out what happened with her!

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