Piers Morgan says Putin is ‘laughing his smug pudgy little head off’ at ‘spineless’ West

'Western intelligence knows more than Putin' says Paul Scully

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Piers Morgan has claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin is “laughing his smug pudgy head off” at the sanctions imposed on him by the West. The Talk TV host has been outspoken in his criticism of the response to the invasion of Ukraine. 

Writing in a column for the New York Post, Piers seethed about sanctions imposed on Russia, claiming they do not go far enough.

Moreover, he added, countries which have sanctioned Russia are still buying billions of pounds worth of gas and oil from the nation. 

“Putin must be laughing his smug, pudgy little head off at how spineless and fearful the West has turned out to be whenever he rattles his nuclear saber,” he wrote. 

“All I see is endless groups of two-faced politicians from the US Congress to the British Parliament, and today Italy’s, jumping to their feet to give Zelensky ecstatic standing ovations — while ignoring his demands for more substantial help to beat the barbaric Russian invaders,” he continued. 

“But we dare not actually do anything to stop him, not even impose a no-fly-zone, because we’re all so terrified that Putin might nuke us.”

This is far from the first time Piers has slammed the UK’s response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which has killed thousands. 

Earlier this month, he tweeted: “Putin’s laughing at us.

“He now knows that all he has to do to is threaten to use his nukes (which he won’t) and we’ll all run away in terror.

“When did we get so pathetically spineless in the face of nasty little bullies?”

The former Good Morning Britain presenter accompanied the tweet with a picture of Putin laughing.

He recently called out the international community over its response to Putin’s advances into Ukraine.

The TV star questioned what’s to stop the Russian leader “taking other countries” amid his “nuke threats”.

His tweet came as Putin ordered his military to move nuclear weapons to a “special mode of combat duty”.

Piers wrote: “If Putin succeeds in taking Ukraine by scaring us all off with his bulls**t nuke threats, what’s to stop him taking other countries including those in NATO?

“Once you cave to a bully, they keep bullying. #StopPutinNow.”

He also called attention to a 40-mile convoy of Russian military vehicles that satellite images showed en route to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Piers questioned the lack of military intervention from NATO.

He typed: “There’s a 40-MILE convoy of Russian military vehicles heading towards Kyiv to surround the city, trap the people there, and bomb them into submission.

“Are we really just going to sit back and watch Putin do this?

“There’s a war crime unfurling in front of us. Who will stop it?”

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