Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Warn of “Global Crisis of Misinformation” as They Push for Safer Digital World

Continuing their focus on rebuilding a humane and compassionate digital landscape for the world, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan gave deeper insight into their soon-to-be-launched nonprofit organization after holding a series of online talks addressing the need to drive change for communities both online and offline.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have become increasingly invested in holding tech companies accountable for the spread of misinformation on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, curated a special lineup for an episode of TIME magazine’s Time100 Talks series, which was streamed across multiple online platforms on October 20.

The couple spent two months working to put together a series of topics and issues for the two-hour online event that would also reflect the work they are currently doing—and conversations they are currently having—to create a healthier digital environment. The digital experience, they feel, has taken a huge toll on the world’s emotional and mental well-being, on trust in the information society consumes, and on the way people treat one another. “They believe that can change and needs to change,” a source close to the couple tells “The Duke and Duchess believe that the critical issues we’re collectively facing—like racial justice, gender equity, climate change, our own health, and the strength of our democracies—are at the precipice of progress. That belief reflects a core element of their organization, Archewell.”

Speaking to TIME’s editor in chief, Edward Felsenthal, Meghan explained, “Both of us realized that we can continue to champion these things that we’re passionate about. We can continue to do this work to try to affect change and help the people who need it most or the communities or environments that need it most, but it’s almost like you’re taking two steps forward and five steps backward if you can’t get to the root cause of the problem. Which at this point right now we see in a large way as a lot of what’s happening in the tech space.”

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