Prince Harry is in a ‘predicament’ about whether to attend the Chubbly

King Charles’s coronation is two and a half months away, and they’re only sending out invitations right now, as we speak. It’s apparently taken this long to firm up the guest list and alienate half of Debrett’s Peerage. For months now, all the British media can talk about is whether Charles will invite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and whether the Sussexes will come. It’s reminiscent of last year’s Jubbly – which is why “the Chubbly” makes so much sense – where the Sussexes’ attendance and presence became THE talking point for the British media for months. In any case, Charles has always maintained that the Sussexes are invited, just as Harry has maintained that he wants to actually sit down with his father and work out some of their many issues. So, here’s the latest – a piece in the Telegraph, in which “sources” claim that Harry doesn’t know whether he should go.

The Duke of Sussex is in a “predicament” over whether to attend the coronation, The Telegraph understands. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, have no idea how their attendance at the ceremony might be received by the British public or even other members of the Royal family.

Aware that it will be “pretty much the most important day” of his father’s life, the Duke would like to be by the King’s side to mark the historic occasion. He is also keen to salvage the broken relationship with his family. However, the rift between the two sides has never been deeper. The day of the Coronation, May 6, is also their son, Archie’s, fourth birthday. And while that is not expected to be the deciding factor in their decision, it will certainly play a part.

If one or both do not attend, they could be accused of “snubbing” the family. If they do attend, they run the risk of being booed or labelled hypocrites.

“It’s complicated,” one friend said. “There are a million different variables. Anybody could understand the predicament.”

Both the Duke and the Duchess are expected to be invited to the Westminster Abbey ceremony and other members of the Royal family are understood to have been told that will be the case. Invitations have not yet been sent out but guests are due to start receiving them within days. Despite much private discussion in recent weeks, the Sussexes have not personally received any confirmation that they will be invited, let alone the role they might play, and are wary of making assumptions.

“They’ll cross that bridge when they come to it,” the friend said. “They do not have any insight. They’re in limbo.”

The couple will not make a decision until an invitation lands on their doormat in Montecito, California. Then, they must decide whether the Duke attends at all, on his own or with Meghan. If either of them does fly over to the UK for the ceremony, it is understood the visit will be brief. The Duke would have no official role during the ceremony. He would likely join other members of the Royal family who are traditionally seated in the Royal Gallery in the Abbey. The King is said to have scrapped the tradition of royal Dukes kneeling and “paying homage” to the monarch. That role will now be performed only by the Prince of Wales.

[From The Telegraph]

“If one or both do not attend, they could be accused of ‘snubbing’ the family. If they do attend, they run the risk of being booed or labelled hypocrites.” LOL, these people are dumb as hell. At this point, I hope Harry utterly rejects his family’s many manipulations and emotional blackmail schemes. At this point, I hope Harry doesn’t give a f–k about “snubbing” his family, like they made a point of snubbing him at his grandmother’s funeral. This is not a hard decision either way for the Sussexes – if they go, they’ll simply be showing up for Charles (at his request) and making a good-faith effort to find some peace. If they stay home, the Sussexes are opting out of the toxic melodrama entirely and drawing a line about how they expect to be treated from here on out.

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