Prince Harry thought the moon was talking to him during mushroom trip at A-lister’s house

In his memoir, Prince Harry has opened up about a huge rage of topics, including his use of marijuana, magic mushrooms and cocaine.

Recalling a trip to the US, which saw him attend a huge number of A-list parties, Harry describes how he believed the moon was talking to him after consuming magic mushrooms.

And it wasn't just the moon that he believed was speaking to him, Harry adds that he also hallucinated that a toilet and bathroom bin were talking to him.

While his friend, whose name he does not reveal, believed their puffer jacket had turned into a dragon and tried to eat him.

Describing his conversation with the moon, Harry wrote: "I stared directly at the moon. It was speaking to me. Like the bin and the toilet.

"What was it saying? That the year ahead would be good" he then replied asking "good how?"

He then hallucinated that the moon revealed that "something big" and "special" would happen in the next year.

Concluding the chapter, Harry adds: "I opened my mouth to the sky, to the moon. To the future. Aaaah."

Further discussing his phase of partying in the US, the Duke writes that he attended a number of A-list parties and stayed at Courteney Cox's house.

It was during this trip that Harry says he was introduced to "proper tequila" which he describes as "fancy schmancy tequila" having previously only tried "club tequila."

He also writes that during this spate of partying he became rather pro-American, adding that he preferred their frankness and how they don't beat around the bush and don't "fill the air with polite snorts and throat clearing before coming to the point."

At one party in particular, he says that he recognised an actor, although could not place him of think of his name.

Harry's friend then revealed that he had played, or rather voiced, Batman in the LEGO Batman movie, which prompted Harry to request he do the Batman voice a number of times.

The Duke then writes that Will Arnett, the actor in question, perhaps tried to extract himself from the situation to grab a soft drink from the fridge.

Harry's memoir, Spare, which released today (January 10) has seen the Prince make a number of revelations about the Royal Family, and his own life.

At one point he recalls some of the wild teenage parties he and Prince William hosted in the basement of royal residence, Highgrove house


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