Prince Harry Wears Military Uniform During Queen's Vigil for Grandkids

Prince Harry got to wear his military uniform after all as he and his family continue to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II — a change that reportedly came from the King himself.

Harry was in a full armed forces getup Saturday, alongside his brother Prince William — who was also in uniform — as well as 6 other of QE2’s grandchildren, including Princess Anne‘s kids, Prince Andrew‘s daughters and Prince Edward‘s young ones … who are 18 and 14.

Will was the head of the Queen’s coffin, and Harry was at the foot … with the other grandkids covering the edges. They stood in silence for 15 minutes during a special vigil just for them.

It’s interesting Harry’s wearing this … remember, he was in civilian clothes earlier in the week when they taking his grandmother’s casket to lie in state, while Will was in uniform. Now, after a reported change of heart by King Charles, he got to wear military garb as well.

BTW, he ain’t the only Royal (who’s been on the outs) who got a special pass for this occasion … Prince Andrew was also granted permission to attend his own vigil — one held among the Queen’s children — on Friday night, again … reportedly at the King’s behest.

Unclear why Charles flipped … but word is, this decision was all his, with Harry apparently not asking for it — and just rolling with the punches as they continue to mourn.

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