Prince Harry & William won’t watch season 4 of ‘The Crown,’ okay?

Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair had a somewhat confused and tone-deaf story about The Crown and the Duchess of Cornwall several days ago. Nicholl claimed that Camilla was a fan of The Crown, and she planned to sit down with a big glass of wine and watch the fourth season, a season where she’s featured as the third person in Diana and Charles’ marriage. The rest of Nicholl’s coverage was just the talking points which – I believe – were issued by Clarence House, because Prince Charles is clearly freaking out about 15 years of careful media relations going down the drain via ten hours of Netflix binge-watching. But what of Prince William and Prince Harry?

Duchess Camilla might be willing to watch the latest series of the Crown, but Prince William and Prince Harry won’t be tuning in. While the princes are believed to have watched some of the previous seasons of the Netflix drama, sources say they will be giving the latest—and arguably most controversial series—a wide berth.

“Harry has seen the trailers for series four but I can’t see him watching it,” a source close to the Duke told Vanity Fair, while a friend of William’s said that he has “no desire” to watch a fictitious depiction of the breakdown of his parents’ marriage, as well as his baby years.

“The feeling is that the latest series would actually be quite sad for them to watch,” a well-placed source told Vanity Fair.

According to reports, the Queen, who has never watched the show but has followed the stories about it in the media, and Prince Philip are upset about the inaccuracies in the drama, in particular how family rows and relationships have been played out and presented as fact rather than a work of fiction.

[From Vanity Fair]

Yeah, I’m not surprised? I guess it’s interesting that Nicholl got the tip on this considering that the British media seems more focused on how Harry is a terrible person for signing on to a deal with Netflix. It shows maturity on his part – he knows from the trailers that this season would be quite painful to watch, so he’ll just skip it. And that’s it. Same with William. No one is forcing anyone to watch this show, and you’re not a terrible person if certain shows (about your damn family) aren’t your jam.

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