Sai Dharam Tej again wins hearts

Om the occasion of his birthday Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej had released a video in his official Twitter account saying that He is very thankful to his fans for showing and pouring the love towards him unconditionally.

The video is all about a orphanage home which is under construction and he says that they’ve tagged him in twitter saying to help him and He gave a promise that he will be completing all the construction work and giving the needs to the charity for an year.

He thanked his fans for helping him for raising the fund and he said that about a lakh had been collected by fans from various states and he would be donating that amount to that orphanage home.

We all know that Sai Sharam Tej is a very good human being and He is proving again and again with his helpful deeds.

Presently, Sai Dharam Tej is busy with his new film “Prathi Roju Pandage” which is directed by Maruthi and the film is all set to release on the eve of Christmas this year.

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