Shaun Ryder sacked as postman for 'biting a dog while high on acid'

Shaun Ryder has revealed he once ‘bit a dog on its head’ then kicked it ‘up the bum’ after he dropped a tab of acid while on his rounds as a postman.

Of course he did.

The Happy Mondays frontman claimed that the terrier had been ‘snapping’ at his heels so he decided to give it a taste of its own medicine.

‘Only fair. I did to the dog what it was trying to do to me,’ he said, adding that he had ‘dropped a tab of acid probably to relieve the boredom then on the round as I was stepping up to be promoted to a postman, this terrier dog at a pub I delivered to, tried to attack me’.

‘So I thought I am not having this, I grabbed it, bit it on its head threw it down and gave a kick up the bum.’

However, it understandably meant the end of his career as a postie; Shaun told The Sun that ‘as it went another postman who was passing in his van saw what happened and reported me’.

‘That was it I was suspended but I had already started the band so I wasn’t too bothered,’ he said.

Shaun famously battled with drug addiction throughout his career, with his heroin habit leading to the break-up of the Happy Mondays.

Earlier in 2019 he revealed that his addiction was all-consuming to the point that he couldn’t remember a gun being fired on a night out.

The 56-year-old admitted that he once woke up in a basement sandwiched between two naked waitresses, with a gun next to him which had been fired three times.

Only thing is, he can’t remember that part.

His drug of choice at the time was the tranquiliser temazepam and the dad-of-six said his addiction totally warped his sense of time.

Ryder said: ‘That three years from 1995 to 1998, looking back, just doesn’t make sense time-wise. When we came out the other side, it was actually three years later and we were like, “Where have we been for the last three years?”‘

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