She Is Blind. And She Takes Photographs

Israa Ismail, a 22-year-old visually-impaired photographer from Alexandria, Egypt, depends on her senses of hearing and touch to take pictures.

Please click on the images below for glimpses from Israa’s life. 

IMAGE: Israa poses with her camera, her beloved companion.
All photographs: Hanaa Habib/Reuters


IMAGE: Israa uses her sense of touch to understand the dimensions of her subjects. While taking pics, she also talks to them to be aware of their positions.


IMAGE: Israa travels for an assignment with her mother.


IMAGE: Israa has turned her disability into her greatest gift.
She is seen here taking a pic of a woman and her baby.


IMAGE: After clicking their pics, she shows it to her subjects to get their approval.


IMAGE: The photographer gets clicked with the sun setting in the background.

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/
Feature presentation: Aslam Hunani/

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