Stacey Solomon admits to relying on eldest sons for childcare

Stacey Solomon does crafts while in bed

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Stacey Solomon, 33, opened up to comics Rob Beckett and Josh Widdecombe on their podcast Parenting Hell, where she gave insight into her and Joe Swash’s home and family life. The pair, who married back in July, share two children together, but Stacey also has 13-year-old Zachary and nine year old Leighton from a previous relationship. From his previous relationship, Joe has 13-year-old Harry.

With a busy household, and two of their children, Rex, three, and Rose, who was born in October 2021, under the age of five, Stacey admitted that sometimes their household is rather manic.

Speaking about their family life at Pickle Cottage, the Essex mansion where the Solomon-Swashes live, comedian Josh asked: “How do you even get four kids from a house into a car?

“Talk me through the practicalities.”

Stacey then went on to talk about how “lucky” she is with her two “amazing” older boys Zachary, who she calls Zac and Leighton, who are always on hand to help with their younger siblings.

Stacey shared: “They are amazing boys.

“Where there is that big age gap they will help me. So Zac will get Rex dressed, sometimes Leighton will get Rose dressed and they will help me get them all into the car.

“They are incredible kids to be fair. I am lucky with that.”

Praising her two sons highly, Stacey went on to joke: “ They are like my childcare! My live-in nanny.”

Agreeing with the way Stacey has brought up her two sons, Rob chimed in: “You forget how old teenage boy is really and at 12 and 13 years old they could do a lot and help out.

“They know what they are doing.”

The comedian even went on to praise how well Stacey and Joe’s children all get along, even though they are not fully related, sharing only one parent.

Admitting that it has not always been plain sailing, with some children developing jealousy of new babies, Stacey continued to say: “The blended family situation has been a rocky road.

“That has never been easy.”

She continued: “We have always had to work really hard to make sure everyone feels secure.

“And they fight. They are all amazing but they all have massive arguments sometimes and beat eachother up. They are four boys, super boisterous.

“I literally watch my kids drag each other up the garden.”

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Despite fighting at home, Stacey went on to say that as long as her boys behave in public and help her around the house, she doesn’t mind that they partake in “rough and tumble”.

In a sweeter moment, the presenter went onto detail how hers and Joe’s eldest sons had made them overcome with emotion at their recent nuptials when they decided to do a speech about family life.

Stacey said: “It was so funny we didn’t say to the boys you need to do a speech.

“Joe was an emotional mess the whole day. People coming up to me saying ‘Joe is a mess down there’.”

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