Stephanie Davis speaks on stalker ordeal which ‘robbed her of love for life’

Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis has posted chilling footage of an "obsessed" stalker lurking around outside her home after he pleaded guilty to stalking her.

The 26 year old shared the footage after 43 year old Alex Boston pleaded guilty to the charge of stalking at Liverpool and Knowsley Magistrates Court, and he will be sentenced on 22 December.

And Stephanie has now spoken of her "frightening" ordeal, which she said "robbed her of her love for life" and caused her to suffer panic attacks from the stress of being stalked.

The Celebrity Big Brother star also explained that she was forced to move out of her home because of the "frightening and distressing campaign of obsessive and unwanted contact".

In the footage, a hooded man is seen suspiciously lurking outside her property while Stephanie screams in terror indoors.

She captioned the clip: "My stalker. I've been quiet on social media for a long time and not as active as I use to be as this has been going on for nearly a year and I've had to stay quiet about it so it didn't affect the case.

'It's caused me so much distress, having to leave my home with Caben and move into my mums with no space for us with my routine changed and everything taken from me once again, my peace of mind, my sanity and my love for life."

Stephanie said she had been forced to "look over my shoulder every minute of the day, panicking wherever I go".

"My anxiety has been that bad. I can't even tell you and not being able to leave the house," she continued.

Stephanie said that she had "literally had the s****** year amongst s******* other years".

"You think it can't get any worse, and then it does. Life just isn't fair sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I just don't ever get a break.

"On top of this I lost my baby and a broken down relationship with horrendous heartbreak on top of grieving losing my baby and having a stalker.

'Everything together just destroyed my mental health slowly amongst other stresses and has took me to a real dark place once again amongst other stuff I've been dealing with privately.

'You can see on this video me and Ol leaving the house and the stalker still behind my bins. Theres a lot more too this but it will come out in the trial. I'm so thankful he's been caught and I can try and restore my life, once again."

It was heard that Boston "bombarded" Stephanie for fifteen months between April 2020 and July 2021.

A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service said: "Between April 2020 and July 2021, Boston stalked Ms Davis by bombarding her with messages via social media, delivering letters and gifts, and loitering outside her home address."

He was identified by police from one of the letters he'd sent to Stephanie as well as using Instagram.

Police searched his house in Moreton when they found more letters that were for Stephanie.

Ronan Molloy, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS Mersey Cheshire, said: "Stalking and harassment can take many forms, but the common denominator in all such cases is an unhealthy fixation on an individual by the perpetrator.

"Stalking is a serious offence, one which has a significant impact on the victim.

"The CPS is committed to the prosecution of these offences, working closely with our partners to ensure that victims are supported and protected wherever possible.

"Stalking is not a form of flattery and is not something women in public life should simply have to expect. It is a harmful practice and it will be taken very seriously."

OK! has contacted Stephanie's representative for comment.

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