Stephen Colbert Geeks Out Over Cate Blanchett in ‘Lord of the Rings’!

Cate Blanchett made Stephen Colbert‘s night on The Late Show last night (August 12)!

Stephen, who is one of the most vocal celebrity Lord of the Rings die-hard fans, brought up the Oscar-winning actress’ “perfect” performance as the elf witch of the woods.

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“I just want to get something out of the way that I’ve always meant to say to you when you’re on the show,” Stephen expressed at the start of the interview. “You have to just endure this for just one second. There are some fantastic performances in The Lord of the Rings, but perhaps only two perfect performances: Ian McKellen as Gandalf and you as Galadriel. An absoultely perfect expression of that character.”

“Omg, really? Thank you so much,” Cate replied. “I first met you as a Hobbit at Comic-Con.”

Cate Blanchett also discussed her latest film Where’d You Go Bernadette, and told a hilarious story about how her husband’s last name ‘[Andrew] Upton‘ caused kids to believe she was model Kate Upton.

FYI: Cate is wearing a The Row outfit, Jimmy Choo shoes and Fallon jewelry.

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