SZA Doesn’t ‘Miss’ Weed Although Being Sober Causes Her to Gain Weight

The ‘SOS’ star is celebrating after a year of ditching weed and explains that she gained weight after staying away from cannabis but she didn’t regret her decision.

AceShowbizSZA marks being weed-free for a year. Taking to Twitter to mark the milestone, the “Kill Bill” hitmaker admitted she does not “miss” Marijuana although she claimed being “sober” has caused her to gain weight.

“Today officially makes a year + I haven’t smoked weed. don’t miss it at all .. never thought I’d say that,” She wrote on Monday, February 13. “Lmao that sober weight gain is a b***h tho. I’m on it !! One task at a time (sic),” the 33-year-old star added.

Before ditching the psychoactive drug, SZA revealed her “debilitating anxiety” makes it difficult for her to be outside.

Meanwhile, SZA previously confessed she was fired from a retail job for being high. During a Twitter Q&A, a fan asked the singer which retail stores she worked at before finding fame and SZA replied, “True religion, lucky brand jeans, Sephora, h+m (lol), Abercrombie (double lol) uhhh the pizza shop in my home town, and anywhere else that would allow me to walk in late and moody. I forgot Diesel too. They fired me over a weed brownie conspiracy … conspiracy (sic).”

Fans subsequently started tweeting SZA in a quest to know more about her sacking. The singer was happy to oblige, telling her followers, “Aight so bim. I walk into work and shorty has a full container of brownies she brought from home. Fresh hot… Seems normal. She opens em in the break room and everybody starts crowding like ‘ooooo aaahhh’. She DONT SAY NUFFIN BOUT NO DRUGS.”

“Everybody takes one (u know when n***** say everybody it’s really 3 ppl) … Mind u I’m new here … Nobody’s eating the whole thing but MY hungry ass eats TWO like ‘mmmm ya free BREAKFASS’! 30 mins pass. I start to sweat …”

“I’m looking at n***** across the sales floor, they laughing and s*** … I’m like wow I gotta boo boo I’m nauseous I’m … Mind u I ain’t even KNOW … 10 more mins pass. Long story short I’m the only one coming out of their actual skin looking like I ATE meth. I get called to the office. I don’t know why this is happening I tell her I need a doctor. She fires me (sic).”

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