The Bachelor Recap: What is SHE Doing Here?

Matt James was a man on a mission this week.

The Bachelor wasted no time in stating that he was gonna settle the MJ-Jessenia feud… once and for all.

“This isn’t how I was planning on spending the evening,” he told the women.

“But I’m here to find a wife and there’s obviously some tension in the issue between the both of y’all that we need to get to the bottom of.”

For her part, Jessenia literrally said that MJ “started it” and was a huge bully, while MJ broke down in tears and trrashed Jessenia as a “little bitch.”

“She’s not going to get away with this,” MJ said, telling Matt the following:

“The fact that Jessenia said that I was creating this divide in the house as I’m trying to bring everyone together, I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted.

“And then to have my character put into question … that hurt me the most.”

Matt was taken aback and confused and unsure what to do.

But, in the end, he said he couldn’t trust MJ, sending the fan favorite home.

We then went straight to the cocktail party, where James kept both Serena C. and Katie, along with Serena P., Michelle, Pieper, Bri and Chelsea.

This meant newcomers Brittany and Ryan headed home, as well as Magi.

Despite Matt’s attempt to clean house last week, the drama continued this Monday.

Because Katie stuck around, Serena C. chose to confront her.

“I’m just super frustrated by time continually being taken away by your antics,” she told Katie.

“And the reason why I’m coming to you is because I don’t think that you are truly here for Matt.”

Replied Katie:

“The fact that you’re sitting here still trying to attack me is pathetic. Pathetic. If you have a problem with last night, take it up with Matt.

“How is telling Matt about being a bully and toxicity and mean girls — that doesn’t help your relationship at all,” Serena C. shot back, prompting Katie to say she already did so:

“I’m not going to sit here and let bullsh-t happen in this house.

“I’m not going to sit here and let mean girls be mean girls in this house. So guess what? I told him, yeah, there’s bullsh-t going on in this house.”

Elsewhere, across the resort, Heather Martin from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor showed up in a limo.

She explained to Chris Harrison that her close pal, former Bachelorette lead Hannah Brown, thought Matt was “like, the perfect match” for her, so she had to try to meet him.

Makes total sense, right?

Because this is totally how the show works…

Harrison, hilariously, acted as if this were a surprise — and then said Heather could stay, but she had to quarantine first due to COVID-19.

Matt then spent his first one-on-one date of the week with Pieper at a carnival. The two played games, rode rides, ate cotton candy, kissed and opened up to each other.

“The culture in my family overall is we don’t really say love,” Pieper said, receiving support from James and then just coming out and saying it:

“I don’t want to be afraid of how I feel anymore…

“You know, Matt, I am falling in love with you, and that is the scariest thing in the world to say because I have always seen that as giving up part of myself.”

Matt ended up giving Pieper a rose, telling her: “I want you to trust me with your feelings and your heart and I will continue to be open.”

For the group date, Bri, Kit, Rachael, Michelle, Jessenia, Serena P., Abigail, Chelsea and Serena C. went bowling with The Bachelor.

Serena P. told the hunk at the after-party she was falling for him and they smooched… but he ended up giving the group date rose to Michelle.

Prior to his solo date with Katie, Matt got a chance to hang out and play pool with BFF Tyler Cameron.

“She’s owned who she is,” Matt said of his upcoming date. “She is unapologetically herself and that’s what I like about her.”

Tyler said he understood, but told James to perhaps slow his roll, based on his own experience.

“My relationship on the show was a slower burning one that started really late, like, started catching fire later,” Tyler said of Hannah.

“There’s maybe some girl that comes out of nowhere where if you start building this different connection, you’re like, oh what is that? Stay open and stay into these conversations.”

Tyler asked Matt if he could see himself proposing at the end of this process, to which James replied, “I do.”

“My boy’s all boo’ed up!” Tyler responded.

(The Bachelor Spoilers Alert: We hear Matt is, indeed, engaged!)

For the aforementioned date, Katie and Matt played a prank on Tyler while he got a massage — and James found himself quite smitten.

“Katie continues to blow me away,” he told the cameras. “And I want this to work with Katie. She’s incredible, but I need to see what the romance side looks like with Katie.”

After a heartfelt chat with Katie about her latest three-year relationship and what she’s looking for now in a man… Matt took the contestant by surprise.

“You’ve been honest with me and I owe the same honesty to you,” he told Katie.

“And the truth is, my relationship with some of the other women in the house has progressed further along than ours has up until this point, and I can’t give you this rose tonight.

“And that’s not a slight at who you are and what our time’s been together. I just haven’t had those feelings that I need to have for finding a wife in this process.”

BOOM! Katie was then gone, confessing she did not see the elimination coming at all.

At the cocktail party ahead of the next rose ceremony, Heather then made her grand entrance in a white gown, smiling and wavong at one group of women before interrupting Matt’s conversation with Pieper.

James fell over laughing and asked Pieper for a minute with Heather.

“I feel like I’m in a dream right now,” he told this newbie.

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The other women thought they were in a nightmare.

“If you’re going to let a new girl come in or if you’re going to give a new girl a rose over some of us that have been here for this long, then you better marry that girl,” Chelsea said in an on-camera interview.

“Because the rest of us are going to be pissed.”

And, with that, we’ll need to wait for next Monday to see the fallout from this unexpected addition to the series.

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