The last ‘Succession’ premiere: hobo-chic Jeremy Strong & pregnant Sarah Snook!

The fourth and final season of Succession had its premiere last night in New York. All of the stars and friends-of-Succession came out for the premiere event… including Oscar Isaac! It’s too much to hope that Oscar has a cameo in the show, but he must know a lot of these actors (I think he’s tight with Jeremy Strong, actually).

Random notes from the premiere: Sarah Snook is knocked up! She got married a few years ago, very quietly, and I’m happy for her. I doubt that they made Shiv pregnant in the show, especially since it feels like Shiv and Tom are headed for divorce. Alexander Skarsgard – who has a recurring role as eccentric billionaire Lukas Matsson – confirmed on the carpet that he and his girlfriend quietly welcomed their first child last year.

I enjoy the energy Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin are bringing to the premiere. Strong seems completely zen, finding stillness in expensive hobo chic. Strong brought his lovely wife Emma. Kieran brought his wife Jazz Charton. Like, Kieran is so much more well-adjusted than his character Roman. But Culkin does Roman so well, it’s crazy. Love Alan Ruck posing with Justine Lupe, aka his bride-to-be Willa.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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