Tom Fletcher’s McFly bandmate warned him it ‘wasn’t the right year’ to star on Strictly

Bruno Tonioli grilled on Strictly contestants by Harry Judd

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Tom Fletcher’s McFly bandmate Harry Judd has revealed that he suggested to the singer and children’s author that it wasn’t the right year for him to appear on Strictly Come Dancing. Speaking exclusively to, the cricket enthusiast told how he “made a good reason” for the father-of-three not to star on the popular BBC dance programme considering his numerous other projects.

Maybe this year’s not the right year

Harry Judd

Speaking about the moment he learnt that Tom was set to appear on the show, Harry candidly opened up about the advice he gave his friend.

He said to Tom: “‘Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of fun, but maybe this year’s not the right year as things are going well for you.’

“I think I made a good reason as to why he probably should not do it and he was giving me loads of reasons for why he should do it,” the drummer explained.

Addressing the moment he found out that Tom had been asked to do the dance show, Harry admitted “stopping the conversation” to be incredibly frank with his friend.

The musician said: “He rang me and said, ‘Listen, I’ve been asked to do Strictly again, what do you think?’

“And I said, ‘Look, you know, we’ve got a tour coming up, you’re busy with your books and family, do you really want that?’

“‘It’s really full on,'” Harry confessed to telling his bandmate.

He went on: “I just stopped the conversation, I was like, ‘Look, do you really want to do it?’

“He said, ‘Yeah, I really want to do it, I love the show, my family loves the show, the kids love it, I just want to do it.'”

Understanding the drive behind Tom’s desire to compete in the series, Harry then threw his support behind his friend.

“I said, ‘Well you should do it then as you’re doing it for the right reasons.

“He wanted to do it because he genuinely loves the show, he loves Strictly, it’s a bit like he’s a competition winner,” he said of his friend’s opportunity to star on the dance programme.

Speaking about his partnership with professional dancer Aliona Vilani in 2011, Harry explained why having the right kind of “chemistry” is so important for couples.

The former winner said: “I think chemistry is really important for the couples when you’re dancing, so for more of that the better really.

“That’s the thing for me when I did it, you spend 90 per cent of your time doing the hard graft and going through frustrating moments.”

Speaking about his partnership with the pro dancer, Harry told how they got on well.

“I got on well with my partner and we really had a lot of fun, and then when I was frustrated she knew how to deal with that

“Or if she was having a bad day, it’s all about the partnership and it’s really important that it goes well because if it doesn’t, you will get found out.”

Tom Fletcher was voted off the dance show alongside his partner Amy Dowden following their performance in Musicals Week.

Strictly Come Dancing continues at 6.40pm on Saturday on BBC One.

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