Travis Scott Surprised Stormi with Her Own Massive School Bus

Looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter Stormi has moved on from her obsession with the movie Trolls and pivoted straight over to massive yellow school buses. According to Kylie, “All Stormi has been talking about is riding a big yellow bus,” so Travis Scott went ahead and surprised her up with one in their own front yard.

And while I’m seriously concerned that a fleet of children somewhere are wondering where their ride is, these photos couldn’t be cuter.

Of course, Stormi is gonna have to share her big school bus soon, because Kylie is reportedly pregnant with her and Travis’ second child. The couple haven’t confirmed the news just yet, but 1) everyone thinks they’re going to at the upcoming Met Gala on September 13, and 2) E!, home of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, reports that they “are completely overjoyed and can’t wait to expand the family. They love the family they’ve created and this news has them both extremely excited. Both of their families have been supportive and everyone is thrilled for them.”

Meanwhile, “Stormi is fully aware there is a baby coming and she is so excited. She is always asking questions and wanting to touch Kylie’s stomach, it’s really cute. Kylie always wanted to give Stormi a sibling. Everyone in the family is so excited and they all are helping Kylie prep. She basically is already set and is using a lot of what she has.”

So cute. Also before we go, this:

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