Ulrika Jonsson Calls Herself ‘Proud Feminist’ as She Strips Off for 55th Birthday

The former ‘Celebs Go Dating’ star claims she’s ‘kind’ and ‘flithy’ as she wishes herself a happy birthday and posts a series of celebratory photos to ring in her special day.

AceShowbizUlrika Jonsson described herself as “kind” and “filthy” and wanted “to be loved.” Celebrating her birthday on Tuesday (16.08.22), the 55-year-old TV star stripped off for a series of photos on social media and reflected on how she views herself as a person.

“HBD to me!!! Newest member of Club 55,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m smart. I’m funny – peculiar AND haha. I’m kind. I’m generous. I’m lively and opinionated. I’m stronger than you could ever imagine.”

“I’m also soft af. I’m impatient. I’m filthy. I’m perceptive and known you better than you know yourself. I’m a lover not a fighter. But if you push me, I’ll fight like a lion. I’m a proud feminist. (sic)”

The former “Gladiators” star also pondered how she’s changed over the past few decades, and insisted she won’t “suffer fools” and will wait for the right person to come along. She continued, “I’m not the person I was in my 20s, 30s or even my 40s. I’m carving out a new life for myself now and I’m excited.”

“I want to love and be loved. But rather be on my own than suffer fools. I make good sourdough and good love. And I still hate goat’s cheese. (sic)”

Meanwhile, earlier this year the former “Celebs Go Dating” star admitted she “disgraced” herself after downing “three pints of rum” over East Weekend. In the caption of a sunglass selfie, the 54-year-old television personality wrote, “No, YOU disgraced yourself last night.”

In a print screen of a iMessage to an unknown male friend, Ulrika said, “What the f*** am I like? Three pints of rum and I’m anyone’s.”

This revelation came after the “Shooting Stars” star asked if she had offered to “buy” him out with a new outfit. Ulrika’s message read, “Did I promise to buy you a suit last night?” Luckily for her, the friend reassured his pal to not “worry” about her drunken words. He replied, “Haha you did,” before sending a follow up text that read, “But honestly don’t worry.”

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