Watch the ‘Rewind’ Moment from ‘Hamilton,’ One of the Coolest Parts of the Show! (Video)

One of the most iconic songs in the Broadway musical Hamilton is “Satisfied,” which is sung by Angelica Schuyler in the middle of the first act.

The song is performed right after Hamilton marries Eliza Schuyler and it begins with Angelica giving a toast to the couple at their wedding. All of a sudden, a “rewind” happens and it takes us to the beginning of the previous song “Helpless,” during which the Schuyler sisters met Hamilton for the first time.

Throughout the song, Angelica reveals that she is also in love with Hamilton, but she decided to put her sister’s feelings first and let her have him.

Renee Elise Goldsberry originated the role of Angelica and she won a Tony Award for her performance!

Now that the original Broadway production of Hamilton is going to be streamed on Disney+, fans who haven’t seen the show live on stage can finally see how the “rewind” moment happens in the musical. A clip was released early and you can watch it below.

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