Wendy Williams Roasts Ellen DeGeneres: She’s Quitting Because She Got Exposed!!

On May 12, the world learned that Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show is ending after 19 seasons.

Officially, she said that it was no longer a “challenge” and simply wanted to move on.

But Ellen also claimed that the criticisms of her toxic workplace environment were “orchestrated.”

Wendy Williams had a lot to say about that … and she’s making some solid points, here.

“19 years on TV doesn’t change your life,” Wendy Williams said.

She declared that “it exposes you for the person that you really are.”

Wendy then shaded: “By the way, I believe she’s leaving because the workplace conditions.”

Wendy then noted, as many of us have, that stories about Ellen and her show were not exactly secret even before the scandal.

“I mean, we all in this room know people who’ve worked at the mm-hmm, mm-hmm,” she taunted.

Wendy then teased: “And people who’ve worked here mm-hmm, mm-hmm.”

Wendy played a clip in which Ellen spouted what seemed to be a conspiracy theory about criticisms of her and the show.

Ellen insisted that she is a “people pleaser.”

She slammed the “ridiculous claims” about her and claimed to be confused by them.

Ellen also said that it seemed that these critiques were “orchestrated” against her.

In reality, of course, stories of Ellen’s behavior with waiters and hotel employees were an open secret for years.

And the workplace complaints went public after her core crew were told to expect a 60% pay cut as the pandemic hit.

Ellen also claimed that she felt that “guests” were always happy.

“I’m not sure that all the guests are happy,” Wendy stated.

Citing her own experience, she added: “I was a guest. I wasn’t happy.”

“I don’t know whether she told her current staff, though,” Wendy shaded.

She added: “She seems like the type of person that would come out onstage and announce it to everybody.”

For the record, Ellen announced the news on Thursday, it broke online on Wednesday, and she told her staff on Tuesday.

There will be another season, Season 19.

This means that the show will continue into 2022.

After that, however, the series will end.

Execs were reportedly trying to persuade Ellen to change her mind as recently as a few weeks ago.

However, she opted to end the show, citing a lack of “challenge” in the successful talk show.

The world at large is struggling to buy that explanation, given how besieged Ellen has been.

Following the massive scandal about the workplace environment, two high level producers were fired.

It does sound like there was a massive cultural shift in the show’s production.

Either that or the PR engine did a good job of making it seem that way.

However, the narrative that these two producers were the sole villains of the story … does not reflect the accusations.

Ellen has presented her failing in this issue as not having been aware of the toxic work environment.

She has rejected the idea that she contributed towards it, despite reports to the contrary.

In the wake of the scandals, Ellen did return … losing about one million viewers.

The daytime talk show, once legendary as a bright spot during people’s days, was tainted.

Who among us can now think of Ellen or this show without also thinking of all that we have heard?

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