‘We’re becoming weak and over sensitive’ Piers Morgan rages at NHS ‘fat-shaming’ training

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Piers Morgan, 56, has declared that the UK is becoming a “pathetically weak” nation after it was reported the NHS offer training on “fat-shaming” amid complaints. The former Good Morning Britain star blasted an “over-sensitive” society, claiming it is now customary practice to “celebrate” victimhood.

Retweeting an article on NHS “fat shaming” training, Piers typed in view of his eight million followers: “For fat’s sake… we’re becoming such a pathetically weak & over-sensitive society. 

“Everyone’s a bl***y victim because we now celebrate victimhood.”

In response, his fans shared their opinions on the topic, as some pointed out mental health is “important”.

One commented: “Respecting other people’s feelings is emphatically not ‘celebrating victimhood’.”

A second replied: “There needs to be some kind of education on this. Eating disorders are a very serious thing and parents, teachers, media, friends and society, in general, need to understand this.”

A third remarked: “Anyone who patronises people struggling with their fitness has forgotten where they started from. Encouragement is what is needed!”

While a fourth said: “Nobody wants to be bullied but surely it is a doctor’s duty to advise their patients about long term health issues? Perhaps we should just stop talking to one another. Switch off the lights and say so long and thanks for all the fish!”

The Royal College of Physicians said healthcare workers “must not be afraid” to raise the issue because of the “very severe risks” of obesity, but they should discuss it “sensitively” and avoid using “stigmatising language”.

NHS trusts received at least 63 formal complaints last year about the way staff spoke to overweight patients, Freedom of Information requests revealed.

One doctor at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust allegedly told a woman she was morbidly obese and it was her fault because of “the c**p she eats”.

An employee at West Midlands Ambulance Service faced disciplinary proceedings after allegedly saying that a patient’s “boobs” were “not much to look at if you can find them under all that fat”.

Rachel Power of the Patients Association said: “Talking about someone’s weight can be a sensitive subject and health professionals need to take great care when approaching it.

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“They do need to be able to give patients honest advice, including about the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight… but it is never acceptable for NHS staff to be rude.”

Piers revealed back in January he weighed 16 stone after eating six meals a day – and vowed to lose a stone after being inspired by Eamonn Holmes.

The former GMB presenter was ready to shed the pounds after his gruelling work schedule lead him to slip up on his healthy eating.

He wrote in his Daily Mail column at the time: “My own Good Morning Britain day regime is usually porridge and honey at 5.30am, Marmite on toast at 7.30am, eggs and something when I get home at 9.15am, possibly another sandwich snack at 11am, and a hearty lunch at 12.30pm before attacking the biscuit tin in the afternoon, until my wife Celia locks it away.

“By 5pm I’m slumped on the sofa like a zombie waiting for dinner.”

He continued: “As a result, I now weigh 16 stone, a stone more than when I started at GMB, and the former “Telly-Tubby” has gone from being my merciless fat-mockery to my fitness role model.

“So my resolution is to weigh the same as Eamonn Holmes by the end of 2021.”

Eamonn has managed to go from 18st to 15st through juicing, fasting, walking and Pilates, after making a New Year’s Resolution to get fitter.

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