What Does Chris Christie Really Think About Donald Trump Today?

The term “history repeats itself” might be trite in its redundant use, but sometimes, it manifests in truly mind-boggling ways. Take the latest example of its implementation: former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. In the months leading up to Donald Trump’s eventual nomination for his GOP candidacy in the 2016 presidential race (a race Trump went on to win), Christie transformed from one of Trump’s biggest naysayers to a yes-man vying for a slot as his VP running-mate. 

Though Christie has more or less stayed out of the headlines following his exit from the governor’s office in 2018 and pursuing a career as a conservative lobbyist, it seems the dormant lawmaker doesn’t plan to stay out of the U.S. political sphere for long. Even more eyebrow-raising is Christie’s latest tactic: lambasting Donald Trump, just like he did nearly six years ago. 

So, what does Chris Christie have to say about the former president? And what does it say about Christie’s possible future political ambitions? Keep reading after the jump to find out. 

One-time Trump ally Chris Christie blasted the ex-President

As CNN reported, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared to rail against the MAGA grain and the vocal subset of the conservative voter base dead-set on having Donald Trump as the Republican candidate in 2024 at a Sept. 9 event held at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. During his speech, Christie zeroed in on Trump’s months-long agitprop campaign to convince the masses that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of current President Joe Biden — a claim that has been disproven time and time again by expert analysts, the Supreme Court, and others. 

“​​We need to renounce the conspiracy theorists and the truth deniers,” Christie said during his address, presumably referencing Trump and his followers. “The ones who know better and the ones who are just plain nuts. We need to give our supporters facts that will help them put all those fantasies to rest.”

Per CNN, Christie proceeded to take supposed potshots against conservatives who have continued to worship at the altar of Trump, implying that to do so is diametrically opposed to the values of the Republican party. “No man, no woman, no matter what office they’ve held or wealth they’ve acquired, are worthy of blind faith or obedience,” added Christie. “We deserve much better than to be misled by those trying to acquire or hold on to power.” But could there be something else to Christie’s denouncement of his former ally?

Does Chris Christie have a political endgame in mind?

CNN pointed out that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s sudden, vocal break from the Donald Trump camp could have a lot to do with his own future ambitions, even if Christie is speaking his truth. Though the news network noted that Christie’s speech could be a sincere rallying cry to redirect the party to its roots, one which, per Christie, is past the time of “snappy platitudes,” it might also be a set-up for a possible future campaign in the GOP presidential primary. 

Back in April, Axios noted that sources close to Christie are almost certain he’s planning a general election bid. Per Axios, “Christie could run on a reputation for toughness that appeals to Trump’s base minus the former president’s recklessness,” as one insider relayed to the outlet.

While this may very well be the case, Christie has not said outright whether or not he will throw his hat into the Republican elephant ring. There’s also the chance that the past controversies from his eight-year run as New Jersey’s governor could complicate things, like his past track record for waffling back and forth with regards to his loyalties to Trump. Whatever the case may be, only time will tell whether Christie sticks to his current stance on the former president — or whether, yet again, he’ll attempt to rejoin Trump’s good graces.

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