What Is Timothée Chalamet's Age and How Much Older Is Winona Ryder, His Co-Star in 'Edward Scissorhands' Commercial?

Timothée Chalamet has become a major name in show business, and he recently had a Super Bowl commercial with Winona Ryder that Edward Scissorhands fans absolutely loved. So, what is Chalamet’s age — and how much older is Ryder than he is? Here’s what we know.

Timothée Chalamet and Winona Ryder starred in an ‘Edward Scissorhands’ commercial together

Ryder’s known for plenty of roles over the years, but she truly captured hearts in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. Ryder played Kim, the young woman who falls in love with Johnny Depp’s character, Edward Scissorhands. While the film is quirky and unusual, the off-kilter love story brought many together. And Ryder was able to bring it back to life with the help of Chalamet in a commercial aired during the 2021 Super Bowl.

As for the Cadillac commercial, CNN notes Ryder played Chalamet’s mother. And Chalamet plays Edgar Scissorhands, who’s presumed to be Edward’s son. Edgar has a tough time fitting in with society because of his scissor hands, but thanks to the hands-free features of the Cadillac, he’s able to drive with ease.

“That time is full of so many great memories,” Ryder explained. “It is a really special movie for me. … It was pretty surreal to have Timothée play my son, Edgar. He just absolutely blew me away. He is such a beautiful guy, so talented, so incredibly kind and unique. Really the perfect person to embody that character.”

What is Timothée Chalamet’s age?

So, what is Timothée Chalamet’s age? The young actor is 25 years old. And in the last few years, his film career has really taken off.

According to Biography, one of Chalamet’s most notable performances was his role in 2017’s Call Me By Your Name. He was nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Not only that, but received awards for his acting from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the New York Film Critics Circle.

Chalamet is deeply thankful he was able to establish himself via Call Me By Your Name, too. “I’ll be endlessly thankful and stupefied that you put an actor with so little street cred as myself into a role as layered, and complex, and contradictory, and confused as Elio Perlman,” he said of his director at the time.

The year 2017 was an ultra-huge one for Chalamet aside from Call Me By Your Name, too. He had a major part in Lady Bird. Greta Gerwig, the director, called Chalamet “a young Christian Bale crossed with a young Daniel Day-Lewis with a sprinkle of young Leonardo DiCaprio.”

What is Winona Ryder’s age?

While Chalamet is only 25, how old is Ryder? The actor is 49 years old and has plenty of incredible credentials under her belt. When she first was featured in Edward Scissorhands, she was just 19 years old. Depp was 27. All in all, this makes Ryder 24 years older than Chalamet — almost twice his age.

As for how Ryder got her start in the business, Biography notes she debuted in the drama Lucas back in 1986. And she started to come into her own in the late ’80s, as that’s when she was cast in the cult classic Beetlejuice. Finally, by 1990, everyone knew her as Kim in Edward Scissorhands.

Nowadays, Ryder is best known for her role in Netflix’s Stranger Things. She received a Golden Globe nomination for playing the role of Joyce Byers.

Will Chalamet and Ryder be working together in the future? We certainly hope so, as they made a marvelous team with this commercial.

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