When Karan Johar Glares!

Birthday boy Karan Johar will always walk to a different tune.

Karan Johar loves to shock.

Be it his razor-sharp, innuendo-lined comments.

Or his highly individualistic sense of style.

His funky shoes.

Or even funkier glasses.

The movie mogul is 50 and, if anything has changed, it’s the fact his hatke sense of style has become even more hatke.

And that includes those glasses. And sunglasses.

Take a look:

Black squarish-rectangles? Karan, like he does with his Koffee, makes those glasses work.


Hmm, gold-rimmed ones this time.


Let’s get transparent.


Or reflective, depending on your mood.


White, in Karan’s case, is just right.


As is red.


And, of course, black.


Going for gold, again.




Cool by the pool.

The credit for this pic, says Karan, goes to Shweta Bachchan.


Go, blue!


Inspired by Mr Bachchan? The glasses, we mean.


We’ll let Karan caption this one. ‘So the tigresses are part of this crazy jungle called Instagram! These girls are the most prolific and pathbreaking content creators of our times….progressive and always Cinematic! Welcome @reemakagti1 and @zoieakhtar’s digital and movie maison @tigerbabyfilms !! PS…I LOVE my depiction meme!’

And those, going by the number of appearances they have made on his Instagram, are his favourite pair.

Photographs curated by Manisha Kotian/Rediff.com

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