When Rahul Mishra Wowed Paris With A Banyan Tree!

Designer Rahul Mishra’s collection for the Paris Haute Couture Week was nothing short of inspiring.

New Delhi-based designer Rahul Mishra took notes from the handbook of Nature for his new collection, The Tree Of Life. 

A celebration of traditional Indian craftsmanship, the modern-day looks were inspired by Mother Nature’s colour palette. 

Memories from his childhood in India would flash in front of the designer’s eyes every time he sat down to sketch.

‘Growing up in India, we witness numerous instances of worshipping trees.

‘My grandmother would tie a handspun cotton thread around a banyan tree, not far from our house.

‘The memory of this routine, of the ladies of the house worshipping the tree to bless their families, is a precious one,’ he revealed. 

His designs showcased scenes from a dense forest — embroidered foliage, vivid floral motifs, 3D silhouettes representing the bark of a tree, its roots and even the rings within the trunk. 






Photographs curated Hitesh Harisinghani/Rediff.com 

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