Woman I admire: 5 lessons I learned from my mother

We’d asked you, dear readers to tell us about the woman who inspires you the most.

Rediff reader Sudhir Mateti from Pune tributes his late mother Susheela Raju Mateti and shares the best life lessons she taught him.

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I lost my mother on September 8, 2018. But she lives in my heart and I feel her presence every minute within me.

At times tears roll out when I miss the hand which gave me a fist full of coins, amazing food, blessings and selfless love beyond all boundaries.

I adore her more than anyone else in my life. 

My mom taught me lessons that NO international school could teach me.

Today, I head the HR (human resources) department of an organisation.

The value system I follow at work is what I learnt from my mom — selfless service, love without boundaries, irrespective of religion, age or gender.

She has taught me to help any one and everyone without thinking about (one)self.

She believed that money was just a piece of paper. Whatever little money she saved, she would give it to anyone who needed it.

She would share it with random people and strangers saying she felt better after helping them in whatever way she could.

She lived her life with a very simple formula — to bring a smile to anyone she could. And for that, she’d go to great lengths.

She was an icon of humanity, a sacred soul who was pure and honest.

She bravely faced all challenges and taught me a few good lessons:

1. Always be truthful and bold enough to face the truth
2. Love everyone from the bottom of your heart. Everything else is material and meaningless.
3. Strive hard to bring smile to people around you.
4. Always listen to your self-conscious mind and have faith in God.
5. Humanity is the biggest virtue in life. Be selfless.

She was like a star who always guided me.

She had the most beautiful heart in the world.

Whatever I am today, I owe it to her.

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