YouTube Star Piper Rockelle Says P!nk Hurt Her Feelings, Defends Her Mom

Piper Rockelle says P!nk‘s comments about her and allegations of exploitation not only hurt her feelings, but unfairly painted her mom as some kinda monster.

The 14-year-old YouTube star already denied P!nk’s claims, telling TMZ her parents — specifically her mother — are not sexually exploiting her, as the singer claimed. But, Piper’s now revealing P!nk’s scorching social media post really affected her emotionally.

According to Piper … when the bikini photos P!nk called into question were taken, Piper had COVID so she was at home hanging in her pool a lot, and SHE wanted to take the pics to show off her favorite bathing suit.

She adds that a lot of kids her age do that, and she doesn’t seen any harm in it at all.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Piper goes on to defend her Mom against P!nk’s accusations, calling the singer’s statement “100 percent not true.” She says her mom’s always making sure she’s happy and wants to keep doing what she’s doing.

P!nk has yet to publicly follow up on her tweet — or respond to Piper calling her out — but maybe now she’ll have more to say.

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