‘1.03 lakh CT scans done at 9 govt. hospitals’

The free CT scan services being offered at nine district hospitals by the State government are yielding good results.

As many as 1.03 lakh people have utilised the services, according to Special Chief Secretary (Medical and Health) Poonam Malakondaiah. Ms. Malakondaiah, in a statement on Monday, said that the free CT scan services offered under a public private partnership (PPP) model in the government hospitals have provided a great deal of financial relief to the poor patients, and have resulted in total savings of Rs. 1.38 crore so far.

Each CT scan costs up to Rs. 1,516 in private hospitals, while these are provided free of charge in government hospitals. Since May 2016, as many as 1,03,118 free CT scans were done in the State, she said. The CT scanning was one of the tests that was a huge financial burden on the poor.

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