‘Over 3,000 pourakarmikas not paid since January’

“How can the BBMP not pay thousands of workers after taking work from them? It is criminal and callous to admit that they had not paid 3,385 workers for six months. If they had taken similar steps earlier, Subramani would have been alive. Thousands of other workers on the rolls are also not paid,” said Clifton D’Rozario from the BBMP Guttige Pourakarmikara Sangha.

‘Not just 3,385’

Pointing out to the data released by the palike on Tuesday, the Sangha said over 1,500 workers had not received their salaries each month since January.

As per the government mandated ratio of one pourakarmika per 700 population, the BBMP said the strength of the workforce enrolled is 15,810, apart from 2,500 BBMP permanent pourakarmikas. However, the data released on Tuesday showed that in no month had the number paid crossed 14,300.

“The issue is of excess workforce. Many have been kept off the rolls to implement the 700:1 ratio. Does the BBMP then mean that 1,500 workers were on leave every month on an average?” asks Mr. D’Rozario, adding that thousands of genuine workers had not been paid wages regularly.

‘Will take them

on the rolls’

The BBMP had earlier decided to pay these workers, over the 700 ceiling and relieve them from work. Now, there has been a rethink. “We will undertake GIS mapping of streets in the city and based on a time and motion study, fix the length of the road each worker can sweep. If the number of workers exceeds the 700:1 ratio after this, we will take those with less than one year experience onto our rolls,” Mr. Prasad said.

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