Action against varsity staffer for photo leak

The University of Kerala has initiated disciplinary action against an employee, who allegedly leaked images of answer sheets being exposed to rain on the university premises. The engineering wing was also put in the dock for its lapse in rectifying the problem.

The answer scripts, which were kept at the permanent numbering camp, were apparently stored in a building that was in dire need of maintenance. Some sheets allegedly got soaked in the downpour a few days ago.

The episode acquired a political hue when a section officer of the camp allegedly admitted to have taken photos and forwarded them to a leader of the university’s Congress-affiliated employees union.

Police commence probe

The university has submitted a complaint to the State Police Chief, accusing the employee and others responsible for the leak of hampering the confidentiality of the examination process by taking images of answer sheets that are yet to be valued.

The offence apparently constituted a violation of the Examination Manual. The Museum police have commenced a probe. While the employee has been transferred to another section, the Syndicate is expected to take further disciplinary steps following an inquiry.

Besides, an explanation has been sought from the university engineering wing, which was directed to repair the leaky roof and a faulty drainage system a year ago. The Syndicate had sanctioned repair works after similar concerns were raised about the condition in which the answer sheets had been stored. The staff committee of the university will decide of the future course of action after examining the explanation by the university engineer.

Official sources claimed that around 1.80 lakh papers were brought to the false numbering camp, and none of them were damaged. They were separated into batches and sent to valuation camps.

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