Administration revamp causes unease among HMs

The administrative revamp in school education department has understandably created a couple of anomalies, school heads here say.

After abolishing the post of District Elementary Educational Officer, the existing officials were absorbed in the cadre of District Educational Officer (DEO). Likewise, Assistant Elementary Educational Officers were made Block Educational Officers (BEO).

Just as the DEOs are in-charge of all schools, including Anglo-Indian and matriculation schools till higher secondary level, in their demarcated geographical limits, the BEOs have also reportedly been assigned the task of monitoring the administration of all schools right from elementary to higher secondary levels in their respective jurisdictions.

A senior education department official said that as things stand, the BEOs have been delegated power to inspect all schools.

The question now in the minds of PG teachers of higher secondary schools is how the BEOs, who are in BT cadre, can wield higher administrative powers. The BEO cadre being two rungs below that of higher secondary school headmasters who enjoy equal cadre status vis-a-vis District Educational Officers, there could be practical difficulties in the administration, a senior headmaster of a government higher secondary school apprehended.

Likewise, the higher secondary school headmasters also have a grouse that after the revamp, their service registers will have to be monitored by DEOs, who are of the same cadre.

Earlier, administrative issues pertaining to higher secondary school headmasters were directly dealt by the Chief Educational Officer who had an exclusive personal assistant for the purpose.

"The impact of the administrative revamp is yet to crystallise. The anomalies, if left unaddressed, would lead to administrative hiccups," another headmaster said.

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